Thursday, January 26, 2012

How do we get started??

Hi there Lovely Ladies....
Yes ,yes I have not been around, I have not blogged in ages....I have been a there a thing like Grand-Mother Post Partum depression???
I think, for the past 3 weeks I have been in a bit of a strange space...almost distracted, and slighlty distressed.
Ok I have also been busy what with Christmas and a house full of people, even then I was almost  should I say relaxed, distracted.....but now is back to routine..well trying to get into routine,trying not to stress about things happening around me.....I am enjoying the fact he is fast asleep next to me while my daughter Faye is taking a nap, as he was niggling most of the night....
While I was sitting here I was reading all of your blogs and I saw Nadia Cannizo's blog and she mentions 52 ways to Simplify your Life.........Thank you Nadia, maybe this is what I need just now...a way to make things easier and more simple, so that I can get on with things.

Talking of getting on with things and just starting this year, I think of Natalie Kalbach and I have been following her Creative Jump Start Summit 2012 Thank-you Natalie for putting this together...I am enjoying the kick start I get each day , even though my Art Journalling needs improvement I want to share a page I did on Saturday Night.....

I wrote this on the 10th and did not get a chance to post is the 26th...hopefully I will get going next week....I definately want to stream real soon so keeo an eye out on Zeffy Scraps I am hoping to stream tomorrow or Saturday....
I have one L.O. ready it is of my new Grand-Son hopefully I will photograph it today.
Love Zeffy


  1. Μας ελειψες,αλλά τουλαχιστον ειναι για καλό σκοπο!Ειναι τόσο γλυκούλης!!!Απολαυσε τον οσο μπορεις!:)

  2. What a precious photo...You are missed but as Alex wrote the reason is so sweet!!!!Looking forward your stream.

  3. ti glukia photo!!!!! he is soooo cute!!!! na sas zhsei!!!!

  4. Zeffy congratulations, your grandson looks adorable, what a lovely photo of you both...I have been meaning to send you a message for ages, but as you said we get so caught up in our everyday little space in Time... Take care and hope you are well, Irini