Sunday, October 28, 2012

5 Souls I Love

Hi there dear Friends.
I spent a very peaceful day at home today...I have completed a L.O. for CSI Case File # 42
And it is a long story........My friend Eleni see previous post, did the cyber challengs on U.K Scrappers ,and she had linked up to a L.O. done in patchwork fashion, so I thought I would do that....but it never worked....late last night I received mail from Heart 2 Craft saying that Voulla challenges us to make your own Pattern Paper...and win some scrapbooking supplies!! This morning I trashed the patchwork and started making my paper.
I started with some Craft Flora Noce... I first stamped my swirls with Cobalt Archival ink, then used a cork and black Archival to stamp my circles and my script which is 1. Corinthians13, I then masked my circles with gesso.
When dry I coloured the circles with Neocolor II, colour sticks, then I sprayed with various mists,( colours on my circles changed...obviously!) and I have a large variety here!!. ...this is the result.....
Oh yes I also inked the edges...I wanted them to pick up the woodgrain of the door in my photo..I used my new  Walnut Stain...yummy colour, almost better than Vintage Photo!!
Here is my L.O
 So evidence is as follows....Woodgrain, in my photo and embossed on my cardstock, circles, flowers, polka dots, embossed paper.
My testimony is soppy Mom's stuff....I have written it lightly in pencil, because L.O. was too busy...and secondly the kids will tease me....I have written how Ican't live without them and  without all of their wonderful characteristics!!
I was influenced in choosing my topic for todays L.O. by Scrapbook Fantasies I hope I will get forgiven for changing up the title a is  a little people, actually still a little soul!
Keep to tackle #43
Love Zeffy.
 P.S.  XAPA means JOY in Greek...

Another card

Hi there Friends.
Today I played a little I made this card and a L.O.
I was inspired by Eleni or better known as the Guru, Eleni is totally into Doodling and that is why she set this card challenge at Get Creative .Pop over to her blog and take a look at all of her wonderful work!
Father Christmas is a stamped image as are the stars..I only doodled the edges, I love doodling but it is really tough on my wrists, detailed work is really hard for me after my Carpal tunnel op.
Have a good week-end.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Christmas is 2 months away!!

Hi there Scrapbooking Friends.
Even though I have not yet even thought of my Pink -Me-Mini (Breast Cancer Month),and even though I have 3 unfinished projects ....I decided to make a Christmas card!
I was so inspired by Marie's card..and Get Creative  has me in a total spin with all of their challenges!
So here it is as clean and simple as can be....

The Ballerina is from the Nutcracker Sweet stamp set from Hampton Art, and she is holding a hand-made beaded flower...
Have a good week-end .
Love Zeffy.
p.s. who feels like joining me for a little crop??

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gloomy Greece

Good -Morning Googlers...
Good-Morning from a grey and gloomy, Greece...Athens in fact.
It is Wednesday again,I mean how do the days fly by?
As you all know Wednesdays are days for a snoop around, and Miss Julia who hosts WOWW seems to be doing a bit of Halloween sewing, I think, pop over and take a look.
My desk is tidy!! Yes this is what I call tidy!!
Photo is a bit shitty due to the stage is my Hubbie's blue heart, he is back in S.A. so now I look at the heart...more gloominess....I also unburied a roll of genuine antique trim, that I had bought in Lesvos last is still in its original packaging!
I have half-heartidly staerted some Christmas heart is not into it yet,,,maybe I should rather make my Pink October mini...celebrating  mr, and my life for Breast Cancer month...what do you think?

My Daughter Raphaella also left that cookie cup die-cut on my desk...I will use it as a mask...sweet.

Here is a close up...oh yes I also experimented with making some wired beaded flowers last night.
Have a happy week!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It is Wednesday again!!

Hi there....
The weeks are flying by in a complete whirl for me....
It is wednesday again and as you all know by now I love to share my messy desk on WOWW over at Julie's blog.
My life has been in a complete chaos since I have come back from Lesvos, I went to Scraptastic 2013,and now I have full house here, seeing that my Hubby and son are home including my FIL...
My desk is in total dissary....I have the begining of a L.O. for Case File 40 for CSI all worked out...but never had time to put it is still waiting...
The vellum paper is from a friend Roulla,,,re-cycling at its best, you can spot some shopping, new stamps and some ATC glue, the left-overs from yesterdays card ect ect...oh yes plus a lovely carved heart from my hubby...will give you a close up next week....
I have being drooling over the retro trolley at IKEA for my journalling stuff, but 46 Euros was a bit too steep for me, so I settled for this cheep trolley for 9.99....not 100% happy but I guess it will have to do for now...I have just thrown in everything .....need to sort it out a bit more....can you spot my new Pan Patels??
Here is a photo of the cake my daughter Raphaella made for my DH...she is making these cakes on hubby had difficulty cutting his first....

That is all for now ...have a wonderful Wednesday...I am off for lunch with the Familia!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hi there Dear Friends,
Yes I have been an absent blogger, but life has been hectic!
Yes I went to Scraptastic 2012 in Belgium, yes I do have photos ,but no I.will not post them today.
Today is my darling Hubbies' BIRTHDAY and as you all know he works far away from home as does my son.And...they are both home!!
Yesterday we went over to our eldest daughter's home, Faye said" Dad come get your is too big for me to bring." this huge box was in the middle of the lounge with a ginormous red bow on it.
SURPRISE surprise, the girls had wrapped our son Michael in the box, and that was Pano's gift, all 3 of them had paid for an airline ticket so that Michael could spend time with us over Pano's birthday.
This is the birthday card I have just made for him, he is out at the moment, and Raphaella is downstairs creating an awesome cake for him.....promise you lots of photos in my next post.
I used the sketch from the October 15th challenge at Get Creative,hope you like it...
Keep well.