Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oh! The Places We Will Go.....

Hello There.....
My friend Elina was saying on Facebook the other day how we have all neglected our blogs......
I must admit i have stopped reading blogs?
Why?? I don't know maybe it is too much Facebook and YouTUBE....taling of You Tube I have a video at the end of this post!

Anyway here I am again, I have not participated in a challenge for ages....I thought I would get my MOJO going again by doing a challenge.....I was inspired by the mood baord on Scrap Around The World.....I was attracted to the travel idea as well as the colurs......

I have a limited stash of photos with me and these photos from 2013 desperately neede to get documented!

This is a photo of my Sisiter and I on an early morning game drive in South Africa all wrapped up against the cold.....
I used Becky Higgins PL cards from the Boys Rule collection as my pattern paper...It is the first time that I am using PL cards on a L.O. and I must admit that I loved the ease of putting the page together....

What I have been doing for the past year now is combining PL with L.O,,,,I have not shared much because most of my pages have my Grand-children on them!


This is how the pages will read in the album.....I have a pile of photos from this trip that are in an Icontinued scrapping and made a second L.O. for the next page....

Very much along the same vein as the first page Crate Paper Boys Rule and some Open Road chipboard embellishments....
This is the PL pocket that will be on the facing page of this L.O.
I see now that the photos from the next page are not aligned(little white borders!)....this irritates me a you glue your 2 cards together to stop them slipping like this?
Anyway people enough already   .....the pages go on.....but that is for another day...
Video about the pages is here.....
Enjoy the rest of Summer...kisses from a very hot Lesvos


  1. Τι ωραια ιδέα Ζεφφυ να συνδυάζεις project life και layouts! Πολυ ωραιο αποτελεςμα! Σε ευχαριστουμε που έπαιξες μαζί μας στο scrap around the world!

  2. Love your layouts Zeffy ! Scrapbooking like a lunatic eh???? 💜💜😋 Love that you are blogging again!!! I'm loving the photo stickers too!

    1. yea Eleni we should get back to blogging...facebook is so much quicker.....i adore the photo stickers...they are so cool...

  3. Beautiful layout !! I love it !! Thank you for playing at SATW :)
    Lydie Denis.

  4. What an awesome layout! Thanks for sharing the other ones of your trip they are fantastic! I love how you put it all together! Awesome job. Please remember that to be eligible for a prize you must include our Mood Board in your post!! Would hate for you to miss out!! Thanks for playing along with us at SATW! :)

    1. Thanks for telling me about the Mood Board...I have added it....loving the new mood board too!

  5. Love your layout! I just got back from a vacation, and your layout just make me wish I could leave again! :) Thanks for playing along with us at SATW.

  6. Great layout! Interesting video) Thanks for playing along with us at SATW.

  7. You captured very well the essence of the mood board! Thank you for playing along with us at Scrap Around the World!