Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sleepy Summer and some USTREAM sessions

Hi there Ladies.
I hope that you are all having a super summer and not getting too hot! As you know I am spending some time on the island of Lesvos with my Hubby and Father-in-Law. We have had a couple of hot and lazy weeks,with a lot of eating and drinking and very little scrapping!
My sister is getting married next month and I am making a guest book for her......well lets just say I am trying, it is not easy to create in a make shift area, without all of my toys around me!! You guys should understand!
This is a pile of things that I packed in Athens to bring with me....
This is where I am working...........

This is what I have so far......USTREAM and Here

 I will be streaming again tomorrow morning at 12h00, that is Wednesday 18th August,,,so if you have a few minutes pop in for a quick hello and to check out how this book is progressing.Zeffy Scraps
Keep well, keep cool and enjoy the swimming!!
Love Zeffy