Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello Arty Friends.
 I was happily cleaning my house this morning....then I remembered it was Wednesday.
And, on Wednesday there are a whole bunch of people out there that love to take a look at peoples desks...yes it is What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday 243

This week I signed up for Life Book 2014..... and I am SO So happy!

Not so happy with the Love page.....I copied the teacher,well almost...need to say it in my own way thinks...However I loved this page of my Art Guardian!

lots of arty love.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ode To My Tonic Scissors

Hi again..
If you take a look on my previous post you will spot two paper embellishments, a bee and a flower.
You might know that I am participating in Creative Jump Start over at Natalie's blog.
One of the lessons was by Marsha Valk. she showed us how to make paper pulp from cardbaord boxes...I made some molded embellishments...
I trim the excess off the molds using my Tonic scissors I love the way they get into all the tight corners! I have 3 red Tonic scissors and a little green one...I am now eyeing the new shears.!!I tried to cut steel by mistake,,,yes the flowers with the long metal that scissors isnow the junky one now....the one with the cover is my good one....
they are magic I love them. My friends husband used them to cut open lobsters the other day!
Here is a video showing how I clour my embellishments with Luminarte Twinkling H2Os

Have Zeffy.

Little Girl

Hello dear Friends,
I hope that you are all having a good week-end.
Fistly I would like to thank you all for the very kind comments that I received this week, both here, on my You Tube channel and on CSI:
As most of you know I am having a problem with my eye so my computer time is very limited!

I do manage to scrap however! Thank The Lord!
I was Star Witness on CSI: last week, and I am playing again this is my L.O. and a photo or two of my page foundation. I used my Derwant Neocolor II to colour my page.

I chose a long 6 word title for my page...Little Girl Me &You Make Zeffy

Let us see if you can spot the rest of the requirements!

As most of you must know 13arts is a new company specialising in paper and art media products, I do not have any in my possesion, so I used their sketch this week, hopefully I may win some of their goodness....

 And last but not least...home. Scrapbooking Greece has started the new year with a challenge asking us to make a page wth a personal photo taken in our childhood.
This photo was taken in a series, with my will see the rest  of them in my future pages.
Keep well.

Friday, January 24, 2014

CJS Post Script.

I am here again....
I forgot to mention that I often work 2 or even 3 backgrounds at the same time.....You see I  am inpatient...have no time to let time dry..oh yes and as you can see no time to tidy my desk either!
The plus side of being slightly dyslexic is that you can function in a mess!
Here I have added a layer of Liquitex Bright Aqua Green and before it has even dried I have started stamping with Titanium White using my favouriye circle stamp...the inside of a Alluminium Foil roll...yes it is much more sturdy than a toilet roll so your circles are perfect!
Next Journal please....
Here I have added yellow to the white andi have done some stenciling....then I used a diamond shape that I found, by chance  on the inside of a  cardboard fact I think it had Bazzil paper in it!!
I will definately,eventually ,decoupage it (the diamond shapes) onto a page..
Paint is almost dry....must get on with the pages....
Bye again .

Creative Jump start

Hi there Friends,,
I want to tell you about Creative Jump Start an online workshop hosted by Natalie Kalbach.
I first met Natalie at PACS in France.she is an awesome artist and CJS is always very inspiring.
This year she has an impressive range of artist doing demos on the series....the theme this year is to use household items.....A thing that I have been doing for ages, due to the cost of art supplies in Greece!!

I usually art in my own hand made journals...the one on the desk is an old diary from2009 and the one on the side is made from a re-cycled cereal box,paper bags and advertising brochures,an idea I got from Jennibellie on You Tube
I am using an anti-slip cupboard lining and a plastic doilie as masks...toilet paper and newspaper are always on fact I have used a page from a free newspaper as a base for my one wipes are always on hand...dry ones are good too!!!
Oh yes and before I go I pour my Gesso into little medicine I just squirt it onto my page and spread it with my fingers....
Have a good week-end,
Keep creating.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hello .
A little art journaling that I did this past week-end......did you know the correct word it to JOURNALIZE...according to the Collins English Dictionary...
The Craft Barn has a Quotes and Lyrics on the go for 2014......and I am playing....
This year I have decided that I am allowed to cry.....because in the past I just smiled while my heart was breaking!!
This page is done in my homemade art journal...we were at a crop so I used whatever scraps I had with me....some gelli printing on brown paper...some pattern paper a heart I had made ...and some gold Viva Ferro...thanks to Elina....
Life got in the way at the end of last year so my dictionary pages are not all I thought I would do some pages there,when appropriate.
Be Creative...
Love Zeffy

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Post On Wednesday.

Today I want to say a special hello to all of the crafters that love to spy on peoples desks...yes I am talking about all the lovely people on WOYWW.
A quick apology before I share my desk....I have not been around and my computer time is very limited due to a very sensitive eye, as a result of an operation that I had late last is getting better, but very very slowly.
Now the scrapping area...some big changes.....I swapped up my 2 small Expedit shelves for this big chest of drawers the Mandal from Ikea.

The Mandal was a bitch to put up....I reinforced the drawers with extra screws....then the whole frame was rickety so I added four black corner brackets on the can see one in the we now have a grungy result. But.....the good news is I now have easy peesy accessibility to my goodies.

On my desk you see a page that is to be posted to Scrappin Happyxo in Australia.
Keep well and stay posted I am planning to do a video of my craft area this week....
Please forgive me if I do not leave a comment on your blog....
Lots of love.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hi there everybody in Blogland....
Happy New Year! Yes I know it is almost the end of January....and I have MIA for AGES!
Guess what I made a L.O.......
Yes CSI inspired me once again.
I decided to scrap my Father-in-Law...I have the utmost respect for him and he is amazing, for someone that is over 80!
closer details of my home-made heart and foil paper embellishment...

Thank you Irini for taking the photos for me ,at the crop, with your new phone....they are fab!
Wishing you all a good week...hopefully I will be back soon.