Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Comes To An End

Hi there fellow bloggers..
I am writing this post from my daughters laptop is out of order yet so frustrating.
Anyway this is the end of September,  the end of a very special month for me, as it is my birthday month, and I also had fun being a Special Investigator on CSI this month.
You may also know that during September  CSI playing along with Once Upon A Sketch
So the sketch is from OUAS and the color combo and evidence as well the testimony is from CSI.
As you can see this L.O. has a photo of a church is a long story .

Why did I choose this photo??
Firstly, this was the setting of my GS's baptism you can see the font in the foreground, flanked by 2 Basil plants .
Secondly, the week that I made this L.O. I was humbled and inspired by this amazing book by Judith MacNutt called Angels are for real The church with this beautiful altar is in the village of Taxiarches, the village gets the name from the church which is dedicated the the Archangel Michael. Both my FIL and my darling son are named Michael.
Thirdly, the colors o the icons on the altar were perfect for this Case File 39.
And so this L.O came to be....

I have used most of the suggested evidence, even though you only need to use two..
I have leaves, in my masked misting, and in my clusters.
There are 3 stars tucked around the L.O lets see if you can find them!
Lots of bits and pieces, my bling is re-cycled jewellary, I have crochet flowers,gems and diecuts.
I have wings.
One of my photo mats has some printing on it...not exactly a book page,but an inspiration nevertheless....
My journaling is in a frame,and it is about a lesson that I need to learn over and over again.It reads
"A lesson to remember each and every day BE HUMBLE! It is the essence of being a good Christian."

That is all for now my dear friends, I am going to the island of Aegina I will be spending time with scrapbooking friends on Saturday afternoon and the whole of Sunday....what fun...I still need to decide what I am going to make while I am there...I do not function very much in company...I talk too much and spend too much time watching what others are making...
Actually I need to unpack and then pack again......oh just  a little secret before I log off ....I am going to Scraptastic 2012 next week end.!!!....
I am SO blessed!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hi there Ladies.
Yes I am finally packed and I have taken a break from laundry to add my post for WOWW.
I also finished my L.O. for Scrapbookers in Greece last night.
I do mention in my L.O. that this Island,Lesvos has become home from home for me after visiting it during the 30 years of my marriage.
My secret journaling at the back if my tag also mentions some words about my dear FIL again.
My bags are pretty much packed up...I have my tool caddies handy and a basket with my Explore booklet ,see Shimelle's online classes, hopefully I will get some pages done this evening before I sail....that is if I do !! (we have strikes here again!)

Unlike my previous L.O. this one came together chop chop chop!! I knew exaclty what I wanted to do with it!!
Oh yes,yesterday I went to the local antique (junk) shop and I found these torn Drachma it defacing currency to use them on a L.O.???
My tag pulls out...I used a seahorse as a stop, so that the tag does not slip under the photo completely.  
My MIL would always refer to my children as seahorses because as babies they a wanted to stant up straight all the time.
Talk again later...WOWW  Ladies I will get to your desks this afternoon...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Sweet Heart

Hi there .
Today I would like to share 2 projects with you.
Let us start with my Sweet Heart, my Son-in law took these photos and  I knew I had to scrap them.
Get Creative has a 3 photo L.O  as a challenge this month....and so my problems began, unlike some of my friends I very seldom have a pre-conceived idea of exactly how my L.O will look...I battled with the concept for most of Saturday, at sunset,after achieving absolutelly zilch, I just packed everything up! Over the week-end besides making a Mini Album, I was surfing the net and  I clicked onto Shimelle's blog and she had a post called" Scrapbook Starting Points"....and yes,that was that! I relooked at my papers...found something I loved and voila this is what I came up with.

I did not have any appropriate embellies,so I customised some die cuts and proceeded to make the rest with odds and ends.
Here is the mini that I made on Sunday I used old Prima Paper... see the video below for more details.
It is super easy...give it a try....and show us...

Well ladies...I am off I want to finish one more L.O. before I start packing,
Keep well...oh and remember tomorrow is WOWW so stay tuned.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Coffee Anybody?

Hello fellow Crafters.
September is rolling by, it is starting to ger cooler here in Greece, I am still in Lesvos and I am still having my daily swim even though the water is getting a little chilly....don't know about today...I had to cover myself with a blanket last night? Will see late on.
This is my 3rd week as Special Investigator at CSI and I decided to make a L.O. about how I love my coffee, my hubby spoils me with coffee in bed, my best!!
And because CSI is playing with Once upon a Sketch this month I used Nadia's interesting sketch, as seen below.
I loved the sofy muted colors of this weeks' Case File#38. I used papers from My Minds Eye"Follow your Heart" and Websters Pages for this L.O.

Evidence used:
Birds ,flowers,china (Thanks Eleni for the cups!)
The bird washi tape is my own as is the one flower with the metal brad.
My Testimony tells about our coffee routine and uses the words,daily and together.
"Pano now that you are away, I miss you so much. I miss our early morning coffee in bed and our chats.I miss our afternoon coffees on the balcony. I miss how we would sit together with a good cup of  cuppuccino! You would read your paper and I would surf the net.But i await in hope,soon you will be back."
It is 06H30 ......time for coffee
Ciao for now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My workdesk today....

Hi there my Friends,
It is amazing how time is almost the end of September and soon we will be unpacking our Christmas decorations.
It is my last week on the island and I will be returning to Atheerns and my craft area...
Here is my little table....I am late in posting this as I went down to town today.....I visited the 1 euro shop and bought some harware, as you can see, I also found some jewellary at a good price....As you can see I printed some photos too, I am begining Explore today one of Shimelle 's lessons...I know it is a bit late, but better late than never.
Yesterday I made a video of my crafting area here in Lesvos....It is rather funny as you see me, more than my area and my camera also goes flying on one or two occasions! Then again it was balanced on a detergent bottle, what does one expect?
If you want to see more work areas why don't you pop over to Julia'sblog...the desks there are definately more tidy than mine.... That is all for now, I am going to take a quick look at my new magazine and have a cup of tea on the balcony before I begin my Explore Book. Keep crafting. Love. Zeffy.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Its My Birthday

It's my Birthday and I can Scrap if I want to!
 Hi there Friends, it was my birthday at the beginning of this month and I decided to scrap about me this week...
I decided to treat this L.O. like a journal page, I also wanted to use the napkins that my daughters' bought to decorate the lunch table, on the day of my ?? Birthday, as a background for my L.O.
As you all know I am a Special Investigator on Color Stories Inspiration this month, and you must also  know that CSI has teamed up with Once Upon A Sketch for this its double the challenge!!

It is a well known fact that I am the worlds worst hoarder! I also love to up-cycle so this Case File was up my alley! I have used 5 pieces of packaging on this L.O. plus the napkins!!

My table before starting

The creative process.

1.White Cardstock that I masked with a plastic "lace" tablecloth bought in the town of Mytilene.
2.Fussy cut flowers off my napkin.determined where I would place them.
3. Shaded the area behind my flowers with blue.Then I glued down the flowers with CH multi-
4.I had painted white canvas with red...then I masked with white 3D paste and re-painted the canvas.
5.The blue leaf is also from the napkin, I mounted it onto white cardstock.
6. I matted my photo with the diamond pattern paper cut from shopping bag from a local accessory
shop. And above that you will see a piece of acrylic that came from the packaging of a ccellular
phone cover.
7. The plastic with the blue diamonds shapes acts as a pocket for my tags.......well when I opened a new pack of Feta cheese this was on top of the cheeese....I thought wow this colour is perfect for CF#37!! So I washed and kept it. I trimmed it down considerably.
8.I doodled my border with a white and black markers. I have also doodled a little on my journaling is on my tags.
9.I used pieces of bookpages on my background, I covered them with a light coat of gesso.
10. Lastly I added some die cut damasks,I added my chocolate wrappers and my hand-made flower and a little bit of lace and 2 vintage buttons to complete my L.O.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. i also would like to thank you for all of your sweet comments.
Keep well.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adore You

Hi there my Friends
I want to share a quick L.O.that I made this morning, the photos that I used are not very good, but I wanted to scrap them because they capture the emotion on my DH face.
Our baby Nino almost looks like a little girl here.....these photos were taken at the reception after his Baptism. It was very hot so he is dressed in his under-garments.

My Husband Pano is working in South Africa and he and lots of our family joined us for the occasion, of our Grand-Sons' Baptism ,it was a highlight of our summer holidays.

I thought that these photos would be perfect for CSI Case File # 35 I decided that the Baptism was the Highlight of our summer!
I used the sketch from Sketches with a Twist we needed to use embossing on our L.O....I have used dry embossing on the top and bottom details. I will be joining Scrapping Outback too, who knows I may win some spending money!

Now for the details of the L.O. I wanted this project to be clean and simple....

 One only has to use 2 scraps of evidence for CSI but, I like to use as many as I can so I used beads,  my one flower is made of beads, flowers, a photo corner, hearts, I did not use starfishes, but I used a fish instead as a fish symbolises Christianity.For my testimony I documented an inportant event of the summer of 2012 as well as random facts about the day!
In case you were wondering my friend Irini makes and sells the crochet flowers on her Etsy shop...
I wish you all a peaceful Sunday evening and all of the best for the week ahead.
God Bless.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Special Investigator for CSI

Hi there Friends.

Today I am very honoured to tell you that I was asked to be a Special Investigator on Color Stories Inspiration for the month of September.

We will be working with sketches from Once Upon A Sketch so we have twice the challenge this month.
As you all know I really enjoy taking part in the CSI challenges and I find them very, very stimulating as I always have to think out of my comfort box!!
This week I chose a photo of my Nephew and God-Son, Peter  it was taken on holiday last August.....ok I am a year behind on scrapping some happens to the best!

I used My Minds Eye paper "Follow Your Heart" I selected this paper because of the colour  and of the "net"shape. I like to use as much of the evidence as I can on a L.O

Evidence: Mesh, shown in the paper, stamping and scrap of lace.

                  Letters, stamped onto my Bazzilll to make a background paper

                  Fibres, frayed ribbon and cord.

                  Tone on tone, papers backing my photo match Peters' top.

                  Embellishments that float, my title is propped up and my frame and heart float
                  off my page,lets not forget the balloons.

Testimony: I selected some of the letters from the inspirational photo to inspire my title.

"Be Amazing"

My Acrostic reads. PETER

Ponder,persevere and persist. But,above all be passionate!
Energy positive energy is what it takes....
Think and follow your heart,
Elect what is good for you and dare to be amazing
Remember you are special. You are PETER!
It will be fun to see you play with us on CSI I dare you to take up the challemge and have you join us on this fun Case File.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Holiday Workspace

Hi there dear Friends, especially the followers of WOYWW.....I have been negelecting my poor blog....why?  I am still on the island of Lesvos and I think that my poor FIL must be rather tired of us by now....
Suffice is to say that I have had a HECTIC August, my family was together,my hubby ,my son and my 2 sisters and their families as well as my daughter and her in laws ,some friends from America and the UK....we baptised my Grand Son and now  that things have calmed down and I can at last take half an hour to post and show you my workspace here.....I have claimeded the little nook in the lounge, if it is not windy I open the door and scrap watching the stunning view.

All the crafters that  follow Julie's blog The Stamping Ground love to see what we are up to. Well I work on this tiny table and I am about to start a L.O. using re-cycled materials the blue checked plastic is from a feta cheese tub and I also have a shoe box from my grand-sons'shoes as well as some acetate from a cellular phone packaging.
Hopefully I will make a video of my area in the next few days ,I did pack lots of things this year,I had great intentions! But it is so pleasing to just sit and gaze at the scenary and just chat with my daughters and play with the baby!!