Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello there...I am working on this blog and ironing out some of the many problems...getting there,technology does not come easy to me!
Anyway I cleaned and scrubbed my home yesterday, got rid of all the ash off my balcony and windows,they will stay clean until the next gust of wind blows more ash our way.....that is how it will go.Our green lungs have been burned!! Acres and acres of wasteland........
I am zeffy and one of the many things that I love are trees beautiful old trees, thats why I was so sad this week-end.
Another thing that I love is scrapbooking and seeing that my balcony was clean I took some photos this morning .As you can see I now have a profile picture . During the fires on Sunday whilst watching T.V. I made my Art Journal, I am not good at art but I will try and express myself through the medium.
I used two pads of Aquarelle A5 art paper,cut off the eges,bound then with dental floss.For the front and back covers I used the cardstock from the backs of the art pads, which I then covered with a big sheet of paper from my decoupage stash an Australian paper Finmark"posters' love the Art Deco look.

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