Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Love 2 Scrap

Hi there ladies,
I wanted to quickly share with you this top that I scrapped for our crop tomorrow morning...sorry this 9 hours time!!! It is really great to have the opportunity to meet up with all the Greek scrappers...they are so talented!
Anyway I bought the top on sale and I had a lot of tiny buttons,that were given to me by Vicky and Lena,and as I don't tend to use buttons on my L.Os I decided in the store that I would sew the buttons along the collar. Whilst I was sewing on the buttons I thought I would take the whole project a step further.So I used my cuttlebig die to cut out the word 'love' and my sizzlets to cut out the rest.I used some felt,by the way the cuttlebug die made a clean cut,the rest of the letters I had to cut out with a pair of scissors.The 2 was cut free-hand.I then decorated the letters with some dimensional paint and glitter and then stuck them on with some German fabric glue.
Thats all for now, and if I am not too exhaused after tomorrows fun and games I will post photos of the mini that I made for Carlene....she should be receiving it any day this week.
Ttfn, going to sleep so that I can be all shiny eyed and bushy tailed for tomorrows crop.


  1. This top project is a TOP idea!!Trully love it!
    Can't wait to see your mini for Carlene!
    Hope you had a great time in the crop!!
    love , Lena

  2. Thanks for following my blog, I just discovered yours. Check out my huge vintage blog give away (over at previous post, on my blog). I would love for you to enter.


  3. your top rocked!!! it is really beautiful!!!

  4. Thanks Girls....why dont you try one too? take a top that you are bored with and change it....I would love to see your creations.