Friday, March 5, 2010

Secret-Santa or Fairy God-Mother?

Today I received a parcel from Weezie. I was totally overwhelmed by such kindness!! Weezie was my Secret-Santa back in December on Life on the {Scrap}Beach and she posted me a stunning gift.The parcel had all sorts of things in it, amongst which were some beautiful note books and folios that Weezie had covered. I was thrilled  to own something created by her,as Ihad  always admired Weezies  "Amazing Albums"(Minis). A couple of weeks later Weezie mailed me and told me that she found the lovely Mariposa paper on sale and that she had bought some for me.
 Ok I was expecting a pad or two.......but wow today I received this huge box of  goodies.I loved the paper .But I was thrilled with all the hand made roses made with the Que Sera-Sera Papers.are they not just too stunnung?

This is Weezies beautiful card all Glimmer misted and please notice the re-cycled buckle.

I opened the tissue paper last, and in that was this beautiful Concertina Box to match the books which she had sent at Christmas. I think that it is absolutely perfect, please note the little feet,they are huge dew drops!!!

 Thank -you Weezie for this amazingly generous gesture, I feel as if I have had a visit from my Fairy God-Mother.
May God bless you.
Love Zeffy


  1. Omg!Zeffy!This is amazing!!Weezie is so generous!!I am so happy for you!!
    Have fun with your new goodies!!!The Mariposa paper is simply stunning!You'll love it!!

  2. Zeffy, wow I love her work too, she is such a nice person. Enjoy your goodies they are beautiful.

  3. oh my... you are such a lucky girl and Weezie so generous! Enjoy your goodies ;-)

  4. wow what a wonderful friend....enjoy your goodies

  5. Are you going to be putting these to good use in your Shimelle class? They're too beautiful to leave around to get dusty!

    Thanks for stopping by my place. I'm looking forward to seeing your class creations here soon x

  6. Wooooooooww!!I love Mariposa!!Weezie you are really Santa!!!!

  7. Mariposa's my favourite too ! enjoy :)!