Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A tiny peep of South Africa.

Hi Ladies.
As you all know I have been in South Africa for my sisters' wedding. We had a great time, the wedding was very emotional because this was the second time around for both bride and groom,
and so as I like to say 5 people got married that Saturday! The bride and groom plus their 3 children, a brand new family unit!!
Before I show you the guest book that I made for them, this is a short video to give you a taste of the Drakensberg Mountains. This is where the wedding was held. The Drakensberg mountains has a couple of  World Heritage sites because Bushman Rock Art has been discovered here.
P.S. the day after the wedding was my birthday, it was a real blessing to spend it with all my siblings ! Unfortunately I had no laptop with me so I was cyber starved! So I would like to say a belated thank-you for all the birthday wishes that I received, you girls are all so kind.
Something extra!Petals...beautiful


  1. Welcome back Zeffy....I tried to watch the video but it was making me too dizzy....I did catch the beauty of the mountains absolutely stunning...welcome back

  2. Welcome back Zeffy!!We missed you sooo much!!
    Love and kisses...

  3. Sorry Irini....It was on the spur of the moment and I was a bit rushed to get to the delicious breakfast.....not to mention out of breath because of the previous delicious breakfasts!

  4. Awwww! It must have been great over there!!! I LOVE a good breakfast! Welcome back!!! Have a creative winter!