Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Afternoon..U and I on USTREAM

Hi ladies,
A quick post to say, live streaming this afternoon at 17H00.....Here.
I will be showing you how far I am with my South African  Gate Fold Mini. I will also continue with another page or two,this is how my first page looks so far.
I will make a page or two with you this afternoon and then I will start another project, something for MDH s' birthday next week.
My address on Ustream is as follows:
I don't know what I was thinking when I signed there is no P after -scra!!!
Just before I sign off.....have to go and cook as I  have some friends coming over for lunch, I want to say THANK-YOU!
A big thank-you at the amazing response that I have had to my "celebration candy" and a big welcome to all my new followers. I will be drawing the winner on the 18th, I will be doing that streaming session in English if some of my non -greek followers join us on that day....
That's all for now folks, chat later, bye.


  1. Hope I can join you...I too am holding a BBQ today plus cleaning up after last nights guests! what is a woman to do when she has no babay sitter...friends come to her!! LOL
    Hope to see......depends on whether the guests leave early or not.

  2. Zeffy sweetie I won't be around ... have lessons all afternoon! Record it so I can catch it afterwards!

  3. Hi Gals....I miss you two,we need to meet up...the show is recorded....I move too fast and I camera does not get a chance to focus, so the quality is not good...sorry

  4. Zeffy, thank you for spending time with us and teaching us all those wonderfull things...
    you really pass the flame!!!

  5. I didn't make it on Sunday but I watched your recording today and I really enjoyed it. Your creations are always so amazing and inspiring! I'm just starting to experiment with Scrapbooking and I don't have so many supplies yet so... I envy all your "magic stuff"! :-)
    Thank you for all these great videos!

  6. Zeffy...I watched your video. I did not understand the language except for a few words, but scrappin language is international. I loved your work, and thank you for sharing your lesson...PeggyAnne (A Friend from Life on the ScrapBeach)