Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simon says "Stamp!"

 Good Morning Ladies......Happy New year!!
I was feeling a bit flat after all the festivities.... as I browsed over at  Simon Says Stamp and Show  I was inspired first I thought I don't have any new stamps....until I started looking through my stash, these are all my unstamped stamps!!! Not bad for someone that thought she had no "NEW" stamps!
SO ...I decided to make one or two elements for my New Year L.O. that I am planning to make today.
As is the rage over at the Scrap {Beach}I have been playing with toilet paper rolls!!
This is my take on a journaling pocket.....what I love about it is how easy the tags slide in and out.... I used the New Years Fiskars Stamp set that I won at PACS and a little random bird wood mounted stamp that I had. I embossed the champagne bottle in black and then coloured the image with glitter pens ..the fibre and pearls are meant to look like the champagne froth and bubbles.....I also embossed the birdie with Copper Kettle  embossing powder....I still don't know how I am going to use this little fellow..will see...........
That is all for now I must be off, to take down the Christmas tree and then if I have the energy to make my L.O.
Have a good week-end !
Love Zeffy.


  1. υπέροχες οι σφραγίδες σου! και αυτά που έφτιαξες μου άρεσαν πολύ!!!καλό σκ!!περιμενω το λο!

  2. Hi Zeffy! I like them all very much! I really admire the journaling pockets you make! I wish you to have fun in some way when you take off the tree so then you will be very inspired to make your layout! Take care!

  3. Zeffy καλημέρα! Δεν θα το πιστέψεις, αυτό σκεπτόμουν χθες και αναρωτιόμουν αν κάπου έχετε ξεχασμένα πράγματα, που εκείνη τη στιγμή που φτιάχνεις κάτι, δεν τα θυμάσαι και που τα βρίσκεις εντελώς τυχαία, ψάχνοντας κάτι άλλο… Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!

  4. Καλημερούδια!!!! Πωπω Ζέφυ θησαυρό βρήκες!!!! χα χα χα πραγματικά όχι κι ασχημα για κάποιον που πιστεύει οτι δεν έχει καινούριες σφραγιδες!!!! Μου αρέσουν πολύ επίσης κι αυτά που έφτιαξες!!! Τώρα που είδα τι υπέροχα πράγματα μπορείς να κάνεις απο τους κυλίνδρους των χαρτιών υγείας νομίζω οτι θα πειραματιστώ κι εγώ για κάτι!!!


  5. This is sweet! I have stockpiled tp rolls to use like this - haven't done it yet! *lol*
    Thank you for joining us at the Simon Says Stamp & Show Challenge.