Monday, March 7, 2011


Hi there Ladies.
Today is the first day of the Greek Orthodox Lent,we have a period of of 40 days fasting before Easter...and today is a somewhat festive day...lots to eat and kite flying is a tradition....ok it is snowing slightly...but we will try and fly that kite anyway!!!

Here is a quick post of some L.O. s I made so that I can enter into various challenges.....

Kathryn from Life on the {Scrap} Beach Had her monthly crop....can you believe a month has gone by already?
OK here we go 'My Girls" is for the Life on the {Scrap}Beach challenged   to write love notes...
The second L.O. 'Bus Stop" is for Go with the Flow on the Beach and for Simon Says Stamp and Show Where we had to show some Ephemera and I think I am late for this challenge...anyway here it is!

The L.O." Soulmates" is for the first challenge on Beach called White Out we had to show white scpace..and I will also enter it into the Get Creative March only use one cardstock, one patterned paper,which I cut up,one die cut one ribbon and a title....

And the last L.O is about triangulating  take a look at Kathryn's explanantion....
As you... can see I used old photos for most of the Lay-Outs...use up your stock must fly now!!!
Love Zeffy.

Products used:
Echo Park Papers.
Prima Papers.
Crate papers.Fancy Pants.
Upsy Daisy.
Basic Grey.Thickers.Ranger.

PS. I have just returned from a day out....kite flying and lots of will see photos in future L.O.
THIS is what my scrap area looks like after a marathon scrapping session!!!
To my Greek friends I hope you have a blessed Lent and to the rest of the gals...keep to tidy up a little!!


  1. wow zeffy!!εκανες πολλη δουλεια!!1μου αρεσει ιδιαιτερα το δευτερο και το τριτο layout! ολα ειναι υπεροχα αλλα αυτα τα δυο μου εκλεψαν την καρδια!!καλη επιτυχια σε ολες τις προκλησεις!!!
    καλη καθαρη Δευτερα και καλη σαρακοστη!

  2. Καλημέρα Ζέφφυ! Είναι όλα υπέροχα, δεν μπορώ να ξεχωρίσω κανένα. Ξεχειλίζουν από αγάπη και αυτό είναι που μου έμεινε σαν συναίσθημα στο τέλος πέρα από την καταπληκτική ¨τεχνική῾ δουλειά που έκανες. Καλή Σαρακοστή!

  3. Zeffy!!!!!!!
    love the layouts but i am in love with the soul mates!!! xaxaxa
    It is gorgeous!!!
    simple yet striking! love love love it!!
    thank you so much for playing along!!!!

  4. Brilliant layouts Zeffy, you've been busy I see ... Soul mates did it for me too ... brilliant changing the photo to black and white, makes the red / black more contrasting!!!

  5. Lovely layouts! I love all the detail you were able to incorporate. So pretty!!

  6. love them all!!!!
    but i will agree with Eirini & Eleni... the 3rd one is amazing... the black/white photo, the bright red colour of the paper, the flowers you have used and of course the title!!!!
    love love love love your work!!!! i can't stop saying it!!!!

  7. I love all of these ~ so beautiful! I think the "Love otes" and the "Soul Mates" are my favorite ~ love that strong red to really pop the photo! And all the cutting you did on the "Soul Mates" page is just WOW! Love it!

  8. Πολύ όμορφη δουλειά! Υπέροχα χρώματα! Καλή Σαρακοστή!

  9. Καλησπέρα Zeffy! Όλες οι συνθέσεις σου είναι πολύ όμορφες, αλλά και μένα η τρίτη με μάγεψε!!! Καλή επιτυχία σου εύχομαι και καλή Σαρακοστή!

  10. Πολύ ομορφες όλες οι συνθεσεις σου Ζεφφυ, κι εμενα η τριτη μου εκανε λιγο παραπανω κλικ...
    Όσον αφορα το χωρο σου, έχω παρατηρησει ότι, όσο χωρο και να εχουμε για τα υλικα μας, το κομματι που δημιουργουμε, τελικα, ειναι πολύ πολύ μικρο!!!

  11. Zeffy everything is great!!! So many lo's!!! Congratulations!
    Have a nice Lent and hope you have time to scrap all foto's you got!
    Your space is amazing!!! DO you kno what is perfect? Tim's foto and the ATG gun turned over!!!!LOL!!!

  12. At least Tim is at his place!:D
    Your LOs are wonderful!xxx

  13. Wow, gorgeous LO's!! I hope you win, so good luck :) And LOL....that is totally what my scrap room looks like after some scrapping too! Oh who am I kidding, mine is worse, and it's like that all the time LOL

  14. Even though all of them are beautiful, Ι vote for soulmates, too!! Great work, Zeffy!

  15. Wow!!! You've been busy mama Zeffy!!! Great work!!!!! I love all of them!!!

  16. I love the photo of your room, I do not feel so bad now that our room gets like this! I love your Ustream and your blog so decided to give you an award...

    Take care.

  17. Hello Zeffy! I was asked to play a new game and I ask you to join us. If you want, come by my house!