Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mariposa Mini

Hi there my Friends.
By the grace of God and the support of my local and international friends I have another copleted project!!
Last night on Zeffy Scraps with Friends I completed the box to house the mini, it is a re-cycled box from an exclusive perfumerie...
I also bound the mini last night on USTREAM only to undo it and re-bind it this morning with beads as spacers between the pages, thanks Kathryn for the cool suggestion.
I will do a video of the project tomorrow, but if you want to take a look at how it was made pop over to my USTREAM videos at the above link. As the title suggests the papers I used are from DCWV the Mariposa range....thanks Weezie!!
Here is the box.

And here is the mini...

I am planning to enter both these project into the Simon Says Stamp and Show challenge for this week...
Keep well girls take care...I will see some of you on Saturday at  the lovely Natalie's lesson.
God Bless.


  1. Ζεφφυ ειναι ΤΕΛΕΙΟ!!!και το κουτι απιθανο!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW...stunning work. SO detailed.

  3. Wow... είναι φανταστικό, τέλειο,υπέροχο,ροματικό,πραγματικά μοναδικό!!!

  4. I love it Zeffy!!!!The box is so beautiful and the binding is perfect!!!

  5. Aπλά καταπληκτικό!!!!υπέροχο!!δεν έχω λόγια!!

  6. Zeffy, this is beautiful! LOVE the colors and the flowers on the box! And the mini book inside...well, just a beautifully done! Oh my....just lovely! Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge!<3 Candy

  7. Φανταστικό!!!Δεν έχω λόγια Ζέφφυ! Μπράβο!!!

  8. Ουαου Ζεφφυ!!!! Έγινε φανταστικό!!!! Μπράβο σου!!!!! Πολύ όμορφα χαρτιά, αλλά και η δική σου διακόσμηση είναι τέλεια!!!

  9. Ζέφφυ είναι υπέροχο! Υο στόλισες τόσο κομψά! Κυρία μου υποκλίνομαι στην τέχνη σας! Καλό βράδυ!

  10. Οτι και να πω είναι λίγο,είναι αριστούργημα!!!
    Είδα και τη χτεσινή εκπομπή και πραγματικά έχεις ένα μοναδικό τρόπο να μεταδίδεις τις γνώσεις σου στους άλλους!!!

  11. Gorgeous!!!
    Thank for joining us at the Simon Says Stamp & Show Challenge!