Wednesday, August 17, 2011

summer siesta

Hi there my Scrapbooking Friends.
I have been lying low these couple of weeks. I have been having fun with my friends and family and I have also been busy preparing for house not much scrapping, except for the 4 smash books that I made for my guests to have in order to record their stay on the island, here on Lesvos, when they visit. I should make a video of them...maybe tomorrow.
I thought I would take this opportunity...and upload a video of my 'MYKONOS' mini album I have scrapped highlights from the summer of 2010 in the mini. As you all know the paper is from 7 Gypsies.the paper line Mykonos works so well with holiday pics!! Take a look.
I hope to be able to stream on Zeffy Scraps on USTREAM on Thursday at about mid-day, join me if you can..we can have a little chat and catch up,and maybe scrap a little. I will post details on facebook and my favourite ning sites.
Before I sign off I would also like to apologise for not being so cyber active,these past weeks, Iam sure that you understand ....and as they say.... it is not the destination that matters, it is how you enjoy the journey! And that is exactly what I am doing!!
So have fun...lots and lots of love.


  1. ωωωωωωω τι καλό!!!!πολλά μπράβο!!!το έχεις εξελίξει το θέμα δεν έμεινες σαν εμένα στις απλές φωτογραφίες αλλά προχώρησες και στα βιντεάκια!!!! :))

  2. wow! this is great work! I love it when you say 'it's a couple of hours of work" & 'ver very quick album!", i think i would take me hours and many details! but what made me smile was when you showed us a picture of your husband, at the end, and you said 'my darling husband" sweet...may you always be happy and well together!
    have a good day! filia!

  3. υπεροχο αλμπουμακι ζεφυ μου!!!εκανες καταπληκτικη δουλεια!και τα χαρτια ειναι φοβερα και οι φωτο!!φιλια!

  4. Lovely mini Zeff, love hearing your voice, miss you lots, will try my hardest to log in tomorrow to catch up with you!!! :)

  5. Miss you Zeffy! Lovely work as always!
    Tried to reach you on your mobile to wish you for Pano...
    Enjoy and have fun!!!!

  6. Hi Zeffy! What a lovely mini with lots of tags and pockets and memorabilia! I also think that it would take me days and days to finish something like this. Your photos are adorable.
    My best wishes for your "darling husband" for health, joy and love. Take care! I miss you too! Can't wait for autumn!