Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hi there Friends.

Firstly, excuse my absence, I have been on an internet detox for this week….no internet here at my FIL ‘s house…I am writing this at a WIFI cafeteria….hopefully we will have internet at home by MONDAY…otherwise I may start pulling out my haiR!!!

Here is a L.O. of my dear Father-in-Law, I took this photo one morning last August after his swim. He loves swimming in fact he swims in the sea the whole year round! I have been joining him at 7am each morning!!! In fact he told me yesterday that it is time for him to throw away his beloved hat…it has a big hole in it!!

My L.O. was inspired by CSI...Case File 29. When I saw Michele’s distressed woodgrain paper I knew it would be perfect for the weathered look of my photo. So that took care of two pieces of evidence, then I rolled some striped paper into straws to use as embellishments….I had to use the sprig of flowers because my FIL often tucks Basil or Lemon Verbenia behind his ear….he has also come home with Origanum behind his ear, after his jogs.
I used a little bit of music in the background because he loves to dance. In fact he has so much energy, Bless him that he have nic-named him Duracel
I have used the Top 10 list to name a few of his many endearing characteristics.
 My journaling reads. “Papou you have always been the driving force of our sumers in Lesvos. You are the one that plans our daily excursions. The first to get into the sea and to go for long swims, you always choose the best place for us to eat and have high expectations! You have the energy to go jogging on warm summer evenings and even go cycling. You still take spare shirts with you to dances because you dance all night and need to change out of your wet shirt!
You are the driving energy of our family. You achieved your lifelong dream and built this amazing home for us at the age of 75! You know what you want and you achieve it!”
That is it for now people…I am off …I need to keep up!
have a great day!
Love Zeffy


  1. This is a wonderful layout Zeffy celebrating your FIL, he sounds so very fit and it is fantastic he is so active... and I had a giggle about his hat!!

  2. This is stunning, I wanted to join in with this CSI, but am out of ink and it is only arriving on Monday. Great story about your FIL.

  3. Ζεφφυ είναι υπέροχο και η ιστορία πολυ συγκινητική!

  4. Marvelous story ... still remember his liveliness at Fay's wedding, I can just imagine him dancing at Nino's christening ... Hope you are enjoying your time ... we are definitely missing you!

    Brilliant layout!!! Forgot to say that bit! LOL

  5. υπέροχο ΛΟ Ζέφφυ... τα λόγια σου και η αγάπη που κρύβεται σε αυτά μεγάλη!!! να είναι καλα ο παππούς, γερός και δυνατός να σας καμαρώνει κ να τον καμαρώνετε!!!!