Sunday, October 28, 2012

5 Souls I Love

Hi there dear Friends.
I spent a very peaceful day at home today...I have completed a L.O. for CSI Case File # 42
And it is a long story........My friend Eleni see previous post, did the cyber challengs on U.K Scrappers ,and she had linked up to a L.O. done in patchwork fashion, so I thought I would do that....but it never worked....late last night I received mail from Heart 2 Craft saying that Voulla challenges us to make your own Pattern Paper...and win some scrapbooking supplies!! This morning I trashed the patchwork and started making my paper.
I started with some Craft Flora Noce... I first stamped my swirls with Cobalt Archival ink, then used a cork and black Archival to stamp my circles and my script which is 1. Corinthians13, I then masked my circles with gesso.
When dry I coloured the circles with Neocolor II, colour sticks, then I sprayed with various mists,( colours on my circles changed...obviously!) and I have a large variety here!!. ...this is the result.....
Oh yes I also inked the edges...I wanted them to pick up the woodgrain of the door in my photo..I used my new  Walnut Stain...yummy colour, almost better than Vintage Photo!!
Here is my L.O
 So evidence is as follows....Woodgrain, in my photo and embossed on my cardstock, circles, flowers, polka dots, embossed paper.
My testimony is soppy Mom's stuff....I have written it lightly in pencil, because L.O. was too busy...and secondly the kids will tease me....I have written how Ican't live without them and  without all of their wonderful characteristics!!
I was influenced in choosing my topic for todays L.O. by Scrapbook Fantasies I hope I will get forgiven for changing up the title a is  a little people, actually still a little soul!
Keep to tackle #43
Love Zeffy.
 P.S.  XAPA means JOY in Greek...


  1. Beautiful Zeffy mou ... να τους χαίρεσαι και τους 5!!!

  2. Oh how beautiful.. love all the work you have put into the back ground!!

  3. Ζέφφυ μου ειναι υπέροχο!!!!
    να τα χαίρεσαι τα παιδάκια σου (και τον εγγονό σου) και να είστε πάντα αγαπημένοι και με πολλα χαμόγελα!!!

    το χαρτί σου τα σπάει!!!! τέλειο!!!!!

  4. Such a wonderful layout and what an amazing photo... Να σου ζήσουν όλοι τους Ζέφφυ μου!

  5. Τι όμορφη σύνθεση ♥ Είναι όλοι τους κουκλιά και πολύ τυχεροί που σε έχουν μανούλα και γιαγιά!

  6. Lovely Zeffy!!! I adore how you extended the stained glass of the photo onto your background..... very interesting effects with the mixed media.
    Na xairesai your gorgeous family!!!