Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Little Cherub.

Hi there people in Blogland...
I hope that you are all very well...
Imagine my surprise when I popped into CSI to check out the colors for case File 45,  to see my face on the home page!! I took a double take and looked again yes indeed I am the lucky winner of the prize for Week 1 from The Flying Unicorn.Thank -you for your generosity!

The Little Cherub in the photo is my DGS.The photo was taken on the beach this summer.What inspired this L.O. this week, were the "Testimony" prompts.To weave a tale and the 3rd one about family and the word home in the greater sense kept on popping into my head.

As you all know I do not start with a grand plan when I scrapbook...I look through my photos and see what sparks off a little inspiration and decide what story I feel like telling...
My 'Evidence' that makes this page is:
Only one pattern paper Basic Grey, Curio 'Estate' (it has old ephemera on it)
Some cardstock, I embossed the C'ordinations for some texture.
Used a button and some metal embellishments ( fish symbolical of Christianity)

I wove a long and true story..and that decorates the one side of my L.O.and so my L.O. got its title.

"Bathing in the Seas of his Forefathers"

"Once Upon a Time a girl called Faye lived far away in Africa. One day her parents decided to move her entire family back to the land of their roots, for a safer and a more secure future. Faye was 18 and very emotional, sad and upst, she cried a lot!
Once in Greece Faye and her siblings settled down into their daily routine.One year later Faye met her Prince, later they were married. A little boy was born.

Faye took her baby to spend his first summer, home, to the island of her father and his father. The island that Faye's family call home is Lesvos. Faye was baptised there and so was here baby, that summer. He was named Synothinos.
It is custom for the Baptismal Oil and the Christmation to be washed away 3 days later by the Godparent.Little Synothinos, or Nino as we call him, was bathed in the seas of his Forefathers.

May they all live happily ever after, and may Nino grow big and strong and be blessed to also be able to go and visit the land of his father's father and his other forefathers, Constantinople."

Have a great Sunday
Love Zeffy.
ps.Constantinople is now called Istanbul.


  1. OH Zeffy, this is amazing, what a darling photo and truly the journalling is so special and a wonderful memory too.. love all the symbolism on this beautiful layout...

  2. What a beautiful page! Your jouronaling is beautifully written, both litterally and figuratively: the story is very touching and your handwritting is so pretty it melts perfectly in you desing.

    And congrats for you win at CSI!

  3. fantastic page and the baby is so cute!!

  4. Οπως ξερεις Ζεφφυ μου οι συνθεσεις σου μου αρεσουν παρα πολυ και αυτη εδω με το μικρο Νινο δεν αποτελει εξαιρεση ειναι καταπληκτικη, σημερα θα σταθω στο journalling ειναι υπεροχο τοσο απλο γλυκο και συγκινητικο!!!!!Χιλια μπραβο!!!
    Να τους χαιρεσαι να ειναι γεροι ευλογημενοι και να θυμουνται παντα τις ριζες τους !!!!

  5. What a sweetheart!!!! Once again I love your layout Zeffy, and they way you have written the story is simply amazing....