Monday, December 10, 2012

Lying Low

Hi there Dear Friends...
I have had a bad time these past two weeks...My Dear Dad passed away on the last day of November on his Feast day....His name was Andrew...
That is the reason I have not been I forced myself to go to the crop held at Efi's home, we had a great time...Efi and her hubby Costa were perfect hosts, thank you guys! I am blessed to have such fantastic scrappy Friends....and I am going to share Eleni's photo off Facebook.
Efi is the lady in grey sitting at the bottom of the photo.
I have not done much scrapping,I did however begin my December Journal .  It has started on a sad note, but I guess this is what my December is all about!
I have as yet to decorate my home...Maybe tomorrow Raphaella and I will put up one or two decorations...I don't know if a tree will feature this year...
And to leave you with something creative....
Here is a photo of some of the altered dominoes that a made a couple of weeks back.
Keep well..enjoy this special time with family and friends......they are special.
God Bless.

P.S. Christina thank-you for the perfect gift I received from you in the Secret Santa...I loved your hand-made flowers, trims and most of all thank-you for sharing your precious Websters Pages with me!!


  1. Zeffακι μου καλημέρα! Νιώθω πολύ ευλογημένη που σας έχω φίλες μου, με έχετε στηρίξει πολύ και το ευχαριστώ είναι πολύ λίγο. Να σας έχει ο Θεός καλά κι όσα μου χαρίζετε να σας τα ανταποδίδει διπλά και τριπλά! Love you

  2. Ζεφφυ μου λυπαμαι πολυ για το μπαμπα σου, να ειστε καλα να τον θυμοσαστε με τις καλυτερες αναμνησεις.
    Χαιρομαι πολυ που περασατε ομορφα στης Εφης, μεγαλη ευλογια αυτη η παρεουλα!!!
    Σε φιλω γλυκα.

  3. Ζεφφάκι μου σε έχω πολύ στο μυαλό μου όλον αυτόν τον καιρό αλλά δε σου τηλεφωνώ για να μη σε ενοχλώ.
    Πραγματικά η Έφη και ο Κώστας είναι υπέροχοι οικοδεσπότες και το Μαράκι και ο Βασιλάκης τους σκέτες γλύκες! Και όλες εσείς οι φιλενάδες είστε υπέροχες γι' αυτό περάσαμε τόσο όμορφα. Τα ντόμινό σου είναι καταπληκτικά. Το δωράκι το ετοίμασα με πολλή χαρά και σκεφτόμουνα ότι θα ήταν ό,τι πρέπει για σένα και κανα-δυο φιλενάδες ακόμα που μας αρέσουν τα λουλουδάτα πραγματάκια όπως και σε μένα! Χαίρομαι πολύ που σου άρεσε. Φιλιά και σ' αγαπάω πολύ!

  4. So sorry to hear of your sad news - having recently lost my father in law I know how you must be feeling - huge hugs and my thoughts are with you.

  5. So sad to hear of your Dads passing. Hopefully you have lots of photos of him from your recent time spent with him to scrap later. Hugs to you my friend.

  6. Big hugs!!! So sorry to hear of the loss of your father. Take your time, mourn, and rejoice in the memories you shared! Perhaps decorating will help??

  7. Ζεφφυ μου λυπαμαι πολυ!!ειναι δυσκολο να χανεις γονιο σε οποια ηλικια κι αν ειναι...συλλυπητηρια και ζωη σε σας!!

  8. Oh Dear Zeffy, I send you my sincere condolences on the passing of your dear Dad, I am so sorry to read of your great loss.. and take all the time you need, I pray each day brings a little healing for you and your family... with love.. lizzy

  9. Hey Zeffy, very sorry to hear about your father. I know that he will live forever in your heart. Our families are the most important thing that we have in life so I can totally understand your feelings.
    Keep smiling & remember that December is a big "yiorti" that always brings us closer.
    Will be looking out for your new scrapping ideas ... so keep them coming ;) filakia Marilia