Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hello there My Friends...

I have been a very bad Blogger...and have neglected my blog these couple of weeks......forgive me I have been busy and also very very hot!
This is my tag that I made for Get Creative I am a Guest Designer there again this month. The theme for July is RED....I give you Julie in her summer outfit!

My latest investment is a Gellie Plate....your bad influence Eleni !.So I decided to see if I could come up with a respectable print to use as a background,,,this was a third printing usind a big Damask mask.

Then I needed  a silhouette...I used the stencils that I had bought from our local toy shop "Junko"
It goes without sayimg that Julie was too tall so I needed to shorten her a little to fit.... then I started writing on her all about Red Hot summers, cool swims, meals with family and friends, and I just journalled on her body then I cut her out.
Her top is made from Washi tape, and her skirt is made from 2 flowers and the little embellishments are acrylic dots from MME. The little metal piece is a tiny handbag charm! So cute.
The numbers are rub ons and I used 2 little wood veneer boats to add to the summer,theme....I wanted an anchor for my rope knot at the top, but alas I never had one in silver that was the correct size!

Ok, that is that...keep tuned as I have a RAK and a challenge up my sleeve!!!!...mmm no sleeves it is too HOT!!

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  1. This is stunning, the red is so eye catching.. love the silhouette!!