Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finding Zeffy

Hi there friends.
I have have not been around because I am  in Kefalonia, a Greek island ,with my husband, L.H. in bloggers terms? We have been visiting our youngest daughter Raphaella who is working in a hotel in Skala for the summer.
I have had a lot of terms to think and get inspired, it is so beautiful here!
I celebrated my 51st birthday yesterday so on Friday I decided to finish my 50 page in my new art journal ....L.H. took a photo whilst I was drawing! so here it is.....
Before we left Athens I  made this card set, it was inspired by Jenn Travis I saw it on her video Aloha Friday. I think that this will be a lovely idea for christmas and birthday gifts..This will be one of the lessons that I will teach this winter God willing.


  1. Zeffy, your cards are awesome! I absolutely love them!!! A huge bravo from me!

  2. χρονια πολλα για τα γεννεθλια σου!! πολυ ομορφο το blog σου..

  3. χρόνια πολλά και από εδώ Ζέφυ!!!οι καρτες σου είναι ΤΕΛΕΙΕΣ!!!!!

  4. Zeffy, Χιλιόχρονη και ότι επιθυμείς.Οι καρτούλες είναι πολύ ωραίες αλλά η σελίδα που ζωγραφίζεις με ξετρέλανε!!! ειδικά ο τρόπος που έχεις γράψει μέσα στους αριθμούς!!!