Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time for cake?

Hi there.
I must admit that since I have got back home after our summer holidays I have not done anything
creative....Only housework and generally trying to tidy up this house. We will be painting the lounge and kitchen on Monday so I am busy busy.Today I tackled my scrapping area.. you can't believe the mess it was in,i bought some more storage boxes and reshuffled and repacked, maybe I will have some pics for you tomorrow. Space is a big issue in Athens...
Anyway I thought I would share some photos, the delicious cup-cakes  my sister Vickie made for my daughter Raphaella, she decorated them with sliced up marshmellows.The other photos are of our traditional chocolate birthday cake, the only thing that changes is the decoration. I used Smatries and hundreds and thousands in the shape of a star. The other I decorated with the Sizzix bird die cut and a border die Stars with Swirls.
have a good week-end


  1. Can I have the recipe, please? :-)

  2. me too!!wow Zeffy! είναι όλα τέλεια!!!πολύ έξυπνο να στολίσεις την τούρτα με κάτι "χάρτινο!"
    και το πουλάκι του sizzix φανταστικό!

  3. OOOhhh those cupcakes are gorgeous!!! yum
    Happy Birthday to Raphaella.I tried counting the candles LOL

  4. τι ωραια γλυκακια ειναι αυτα? να σας ζησει η ραφαελα!...και εμενα μου αρεσε η διακοσμηση με την χαρτινη γυρλαντα!..δεν γραφεις και τις συνταγες φιανονται ολα πολυ νοστιμα!!

  5. ooh! These are sweet! I especially love the cake with the tall candles and birdies!