Monday, May 9, 2011

Some old photos

Hi there girls I have just finished off 2 L.O. that I started yesterday for the monthly challenges on Life on the {Scrap}Beach.
 I will start with Challenge #3 we were to use 3 colours at right angles to each other on the colour wheel..I used muted colours of green ,blue and red.,the red being almost a purple and the green an olive.
Yesterday was my eldest daughters' first wedding anniversary....I have had the photos lying in an envelope, so this L.O. will be one of the pages in the wedding album that I will make for myself, that is why it has no title!
Used Prima "Madelaine" and some lace from her wedding dress. The die cut in the top corner is their initials as they were printed on their wedding invites.
The second L.O. is for Challenge #2 ,we were to use 2 old photos as they were, this suited me just fine as my printer is out of ink...the first photo is my DH and iI in the 90's don't you just love the hair! I wish I had kept those buttons when I threw out the white jacket!!
The second photo is taken in December 2003 at The Saxon Hotel , in Johannesburg which, at the time Nelson Mandela was released from prison, was a private home owned by a millionaire of the motor indusrty. Nelson Mandela stayed there while writing his book Long Road To Freedom .
I leave you all for now.I hope you have a lovely week.
Lots of love.


  1. Fabulous layout are on a scrap roll!!!!!!!!!more more more

  2. The are both beautiful!The first is so elegant and the second nostalgic and the hair historical!!!:D

  3. Zeffy, they are both lovely! I was touched by the emotions you expressed on the first layout and I adored the wisdom the 2nd layout hides. Technically and aesthetically speaking they are both perfect!

  4. They are both fabulous!you are always an inspiration!

  5. Εκπληκτικά όμορφες και οι δύο συνθέσεις!!!

  6. Zeffy, these layouts are marvelous! I love that you included a piece of lace from your daughter's wedding dress on the first layout. It's such a beautiful layout and sentiment, filled with a mother's love! The second layout is a ton of fun & sometimes it is nice to just look and some old photos and giggle over jackets and hair styles. :D

  7. Υπεροχες και οι 2 συνθεσεις, ειδικα με την παλια φωτο στην δευτερη συνθεση, απιστευτα μαλλια!..