Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life Can Be Hard Sometime

Hi it's me again..
This is a L.O. made with a photo that I have been wanting to scrap for the past 2 weeks or so..the past 3 weeks have not been easy...
When I was looking around for challenges to  inspire me  I saw this blog on facebook  I knew I wanted to give their sketch a try and work with my masks and mists and stamps....

I did sketch #160 from Skissedilla I first masked a honeycomb pattern, with some Lindys..need to work on being more can just about see it the rest is under the photo!! Then a masked with some Distress inks...Barn Door and Black Soot....I also stamped some flowers with Black Archival ink and also with some Distress inks...Scattered can almost not see that either...I used Prima papers as you can see...the Songbird Collection and the bird and the word fly is from their canvas resist elements.
The black splodges are some of my new black is very runny and i got tempted to blow it with a straw..thats why its so flat!!
I have not participated in Bird is the Word challenge blog for I decided to use the word Future in my title.
Have a very good week-end....


  1. Oh Zeffy..I am sad to hear you are sad. Why? WHat is happening?

    Well, you have captured your sentiments on the layout perfectly. Whatever it is, I hope it passes quickly...

  2. Nadia sometimes our plans go astray and things happen beyond our control...
    My hubby is working back in South Africa and i miss him so terribly....
    My son is also working away from home....imagine being migrant workers again...our parents were when they left Greece for a better future...

  3. Hi Zeffy, This photo does not hide the burden you have on your shoulders I am afraid to say.. the whole layout is so emotive and I could not read the journalling, but I do hope you find the strength for the next 4 months...I love the honeycomb misting, it is soft but still makes a creative statement.. Do take care of yourself!xx

  4. How long is he here for? your page is beautiful and all the techniques look fabulous together.

  5. αχ Ζέφφυ μου ξέρεις πόσο σε νιώθω!!!
    Η σύνθεση σου είναι καταπληκτική μου αρέσει πάρα πολύ το αποτέλεσμα απο τις τεχνικές!!!
    Η φωτό είναι φανταστική!!!
    Φιλιά πολλά και όποτε θέλεις παρεούλα εδώ είμαι;-)

  6. Hi

    I love all the cool texture and the beautiful picture of you:))The page has a delicate and calm sense about it:)

    Unfortunately, its not allowed to combine several challenges at Skissedilla|en

    But please give it another try, I just LOVED your take!

    Hugs Lula

  7. αχ Ζέφφυ μου... τόση συναισθηματική φόρτιση και την έβγαλες όλη στη σελίδα... βλέπεις ότι κάτι σε στεναχωρεί από την άλλη όμως, σκέψου... ειναι για 4 μηνες.. σε φιλώ γλυκά...

  8. Zeffy στενοχωριέμαι πολύ για σένα. Ξέρω πόσο δύσκολο και άσχημο είναι να ζείτε ο ένας μακριά από τον άλλο. Μια μεγάλη αγκαλιά σου στέλνω κι εύχομαι αυτές οι ατέλειωτες μέρες να περάσουν παρόλα αυτά γρήγορα.

  9. Just adorable Dear!
    xx and tks for playing with us at BITW

  10. Gorgeous page Zeffy.. love the layered detail and textures and the masking looks fabulous!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at BITW :))