Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am Zeffy....

Hi there Ladies..
Today I want to tell you a little about a L.O. that was almost trashed!!
Late on Sunday afternoon/evening  it gets dark here at about 9pm and that gets my South African mind a bit confused!!
Anyway it was my SIL birthday and I had spent the whole week-end making him a Notebook/Journal, see video at the end of post.
So when I got home I knew I wanted to scrap this photo that my uncle (6 years older than me) took of me when I was abot 13...his son had discovered it and had posted it on facebook a while back...and it triggered memories of my youth and how I felt about myself...
I always enjoy the challenges on Color Stories inspiration and I knew this photo would be perfect for the case file....I also knew I wanted to write and write a I treated this page almost like a journal..I wrote about how I was brought up in a classical old-fashioned way....I never got praised for anything and I was a good kid...believe you me..I looked after my siblings,behaved and I made endless platters of meze! And yet I  always felt shy, timid almost as if I was an inferior child....I was always the little Greek girl, different growing up in an S,African enviroment...never allowed on play dates nor school trips!!
One day at about 16 ...maybe even closer to 17 something just clicked!! And I thought well hell, why are these girls better than me??? I can do this, this and that and maybe even better...that is when the gate of my mind opened up and I allowed myself to become the princess that I was not allowed to be!!
I almost never posted this L.O. and I had no intention of blogging about it.....but I guess some things are just meant to be....You guys need to know that today I am Queen Z!! ( I still think this L.O. needs some work..but at least the story is told and that is what scrapbooking is all about!!!)
I am mistress of my home and family...I even wear a tiara when the housework drives me crazy and does not allow me to scrap....I wear it and say " I am the Queen of my castle."..and then I see how quickly I can get things done so that I can play!!
Thanks for reading this is a video of my Son-In Law's Journal/Notebook. I did not photograph the project.

Thank-you for all of your lovely and kind comments in my previous posts,,they make me happy!
Keep well....


  1. Good on you Zeffy! We are queens of our castles and we are allowed to be treated as such...I love the big daisy on your layout, and pink and yellow look fabulous together. a stunning photo too!!

  2. your journaling is so very actually reminded me of myself growing are a beautiful Queen, Queen of your castle but also Queen in your friends hearts...! filakia Zeffy mou!

  3. Zeffy mou, huge congratulations for the featured layout! I like it so much and your photo is lovely and so sophisticated. So nice story, lovely journaling and I even found something about me there! Φιλάκια και να περνάς όμορφα, Queen Z.!