Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yes it is WOYWW again!

Hi Ladies.
It is Wednesday again so it is time for me to share my desk with you again...
Last night I was a busy bee...I re-organized my acrylic and rubber stamps..
I had originally had them is plastic sleeves,but they were all bunching up into one corner and the file was all lopsided, then I thought to sew a sean down the centre of each sleeve so stamps would be in compartments...but that never worked as  they then just would slide out of the sleeves and land all over the floor....
Now I have found file pockets with studs, so each pocket closes...we will see how this work...the studs may drive me crazy...I want things to work quickly..I hate fussing around!

I did sew a seam down some of the pockets so that I can use them for my smaller stamps. See video for more details and a more in depth look at my enviroment.

After watching the video I have spotted my next project...I need to tidy up the pizza boxes with papers as well as that old white box with my dies...the one under the ribbon box! never ends..
Don't forget to pop over to the Stamping Ground and see what all my other friends are up to!
Have a good week.


  1. Organising everything well is the crafter's nightmare - seems you have now found a good system for your unmounted stamps - hope it's successful. I like to be organised and have tried a few ways of storing them and now have them in their original containers (as much as possible) standing upright in boxes. I wish I could find a better method of storing them. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #87 x

  2. ...super idea for your stamp storage, and after many different idea's you may of come up with the perfect solution, it's allways difficult keeping things neat & tidy...have a super day & thankyou for stopping by me...Mel :)

  3. Nope, it never ends cos we keep accumulating MORE!

  4. Fabulous storage ides - thanks for sharing. Thanks for the snoop too.


  5. Very cool storage idea! WOYWW #152

  6. Sometimes I think reorganizing everything is half the fun. I am with you, I want things easily accessible. I tend to use the things I can get to easily. As soon as something becomes a pain I quite using it. Happy organizing!

  7. I am full of good intentions to organize but everything just gets worse ...well done you ...hope the studs dont drive you mad. #9

  8. I think I spend more time reorganising my craft stash than actually playing with it!! Thanks for sharing your ideas. If you ever fancy an ATC or tag swap, please drop me a line as I'm always keen to exchange art with other eager crafters x
    Sophie no.92

  9. I'm smiling as I read your post...I seem to spend more time organizing and less time actually crafting. LOL

  10. hahaha that would be a fine sight to see all the stamps upend themselves from the sleeves, what a great idea though
    Bridget #3

  11. Never're so right. Admirable stamp storage, but it so won't work for working on idea number 500000!!

  12. Hi Zeffy thanks for popping by. Great to hear you on your video. Seems there are a few of us getting sorted out this week! Fab collection of stamps. I have finished my ATC Treasure Chest so I will be posting it next week. Have a fun week Helen 107

  13. If the system works for you then great. I have all mine stored into CD boxes and they are catalogued and numbered. I have oodles of stamps and this system is brilliant. I have shown it on my blog a few posts back if you are interested in looking. But again I say if it works for you that is great.


    1. Eliza i have seen that system,the problem is that we only have very flimsy cd boxes here in Greece and they irritate me when they fall apart as you open them.....anyway this works as i also do not have many stamps...but if the collection grows(I am sure it will!)I will have to inprovise...again! xx

  14. Busy, busy space there! :) Sorry I didn't return your WOYWW visit to my blog promptly. I've been extra busy and now here it is a new Wednesday! Thanks too on the compliment for my folded Butterfly project. I did get it finished and show it in another blog though it escapes my mind the title of it. :)