Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Good Morning Dear Friends.

Another Wednesday has rolled by....I want to thank all the people from The Stamping Ground that have left me comments last week..
Pop over to Julia's blog to see what they are all up to today...
It is a cold and miserable day in Athens...I have been art journaling like a crazy person...although last night I started on a Lay-Out for CSI I am so happy to be on their Watch List  for my love Birds L.O.this week! (see previous post)
 Next to my L.O. is my An A to Z of Me journal...I am so happy doing their daily is some of my work. What you see there is the J page the word was JOURNEY.

Here is the H page....Humour... Technique: stamping with fruit or veggies...I used an apple, a quince and a lemon.
I for Interest.......  Technique: Alcohol inks on embossed metal....I left my butterflies plain as the colour of my soda can was perfect for my page..(And I had coloured flowers with alcohol inks last week)

J for Journey ...Technique: Spray paints covered with cling film...
 Keeo tuned for more pages...
Have a good Wednesday...happy blog hopping!
God Bless.


  1. Gorgeous art work and textures, Loved seeing these.
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

  2. Happy WOYWW, I love your desk and projects. I'm sorry I haven't seen you before but I've only discovered woyww in the last few weeks. Really love your work...happy crafting...Gill x #64

  3. Your journal of you is stunning! Happy WOYWW, Helen, 2

  4. Your journal is looking fab, but my eye is drawn totally to the LO, it's beautiful, love the spilt paint effect at top. YOur desk is a dream, so much to look at - eggs, lots of pretty tapes dotted about and the beautiful and dependable H2Os. Your desk speaks fun to me.

  5. And here I sit, dripping, the fan at full tilt and still I drip! Our dear South Easter has gone on strike, a breeze would be good...Rather humid, a bit like Durbs...Yuck! Great journal pages. Love the world page.

  6. Oh Zeffy each page is really amazing, it looks like great fun and you will enjoy looking back over it too in the future!

  7. Your pages are true pieces of art so stunning and the colours are lovely and bold
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #47

  8. So bright and colorful. Beautiful pages...lovely art!

  9. That's the second a to z journal we've seen today. We love it and are considering doing one too.

    The bears @#78 this week

  10. Stunning journal pages, just love them. Francesca #71

  11. Beautiful journal pages, so colourful and well designed. Like the way you have overwritten the black text with white on the last page - very effective.
    Thanks for visiting.
    Ann B

  12. I love your journal, 'specially the line of cars. Thank you for my crafty snoop!! HaPpY WoYww!?


  13. The tile spacers are the xxx diagonal on my little canvas! They are just so cool!

  14. Your pages are really lovely. Love the colours and other touches. Anne x #134

  15. Your journaling pages are amazing - but the newest one - "J" for journey is absolutely my favourite ... gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful WOYWW!

  16. Awesome workdesk and awesome journal pages!!!! Wow!! Sooo inspiring!

    Happy crafting/painting!

    die amelie x #53

  17. I so enjoy each and every of your journaling pages Zeffy... Great, meaningful work!!!

  18. I love your colorful pages, and all the energy they exude. Thanks for visiting my blog, and as to your question, I do my own lettering. May your week be filled with blessings!

  19. Beautiful pages...I especially love the one with the little tags and butterflies.

  20. Lovely pages. I especially like the one with the Earth. April #119

  21. love the globe on your page, it looks 3-d! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #115

  22. I really like the softness of the color grades in your pages really well done.