Thursday, August 15, 2013

This and That

Hi there....
Today I have various things to show you,
Firstly I have my pages for The Craft Barn Alpha and Dictionary Challenge the letter this week is D and I asked my Hubby to choose a word...he said "Death" without even thinking. A challenge indeed!

On the brighter side I am doing Joanne Sharpe's Doodle Arts and Letters on-line course A lesson well worth every cent I paid!!
I really needed to get out of my art rut....and I needed to learn some new skills, so I am loving the class...2 of my pages....I have far to go!

These are Garden Doodles...I copied Joanne's page.

 Water colour doodles....a first for me....what fun...I want to try another using only 3 colours!

And lastly  some Greek Octopus.
I thought I would add some doodle inspiration...I took this photo today.....I would love to see what doodles you come up with


keep well.


  1. Wondered were you have been, missed you on WOYWW last couple of weeks. Love your arty pages, the Joanne Sharpe course looks great, I dont do a thing with watercolour either, but have them to take on holiday with me so see how that goes.
    The octopus are great to see.


  2. Beautiful dictionary pages, love the way you took life and death together. Hugs Frea

  3. Great pages - and how true is your quote! Great interpretation of a "difficult" word. MMx

  4. Great pages and word choice,wonderfully illustrated.

    Sylv xx

  5. I quite like the death page - it makes me smile, skulls wearing top hats. Hope your husband appreciated the effort and next time chooses a word a little lighter in substance. Lol.

  6. Great theme, and you did it so well! I love your doodling too.

    Cazzy x

  7. Great interpretation of the word.
    Thank you for playing with us at the Craft Barn