Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hi There,,,
Please could someone put off the FFW is spinning out of control!!
Desk in choas as per usual...

Star box and tag completed.
Dabber paints all dried up!! What a waste of money!
Need to cover my mists...little Nino is coming for a visit ....
oh and I am so happy my L.O. Heart Thieves was on the CSI.WATCH LIST

Pop over to Julia's blog she is on holiday but you can see lots of othe interesting desks on WOYWW 228
Keep well.
p.s when it stops being gloomy and little one goes home i will make a video about projects on desk.


  1. I hear you about the FFW button... hope we can find the break in time ;) Enjoy the stay of little one... Happy woyww and a hug from - rainy - Holland Marit #92

  2. So many interesting things to see on your desk, look forward to the video! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #29 xx

  3. Gosh... I KNOW . where does the time go ???!!!!
    Gorgeous Tag and Star Box there :-)

    Happy WOYWW228

    IKE in Greece #94

  4. Yep I am with you on the FFB there should be a FFrewind. Love the tag and star box, shame about the dabbers. Future hint, when using dabbers use them all really fast this gives you the excuse to craft more when you have them so you don't waste them LOL

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 58

  5. yes it does feel like everything is in fast forward... down hill to christmas I think!! a messy desk is the sign of a creative person!!

  6. Star box looks really interesting Zeffy and your desk looks prety organised to should have seen mine yesterday, 1" to work syndrome!!!!!
    There is a giveaway on my blog if you are interested.
    Julie 89

  7. your desk is looking very busy and as though it is ready for lots of action I could play there all day
    Happy WOYWW have an enjoyable week hugs Ria #22

  8. The shape of the box is so unusual, and the tag is beautiful. Congratulations on being selected for the watch list at CSI. Blessings!

  9. Try undoing the top of the dabbers and getting the paint out on a knife and spritzing it with water. Just get out as much as you need to use. I always apply it with Cut 'n Dry foam. Hope that helps. Hugs. Pam#68

  10. Ζεφφάκι μου είναι υπέροχα!!! Χίλια μπράβο για τη διάκριση στη σύνθεση!

  11. Both your star box and tag are lovely!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and for your very kind comments, especially about my Fairy School tut. Thanks : )