Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Blue Me

Hi there
A quick post of a L.O. I made last night.
I was inspired by the Case File 95 on C.S.I

I had the need to journal more than I needed to scrap this week.
My journaling reads.
"The blue in me is the timid little girl that could not speak a word of English when she went to school.The blue in me is the cold and hungry child wanting to go home.The same blue girl hates winter sunsets for that reason.
The blue in me is the anxious teenager that always worried about what her younger and rebellious siblings were up to!
The blue in me is the young woman that wathched her mother battle with cancer.The same blue woman worries if cancer will appear in her body too.
The blue in me is the child that lost her mother tragically.A woman in blue that did not say good-bye to the one she loved so much.
A blue woman that was so sad that she almost lost the man she loved because she was so wrapped in her grief.
The mature woman of todayis still blue even though she puts on her brave face and her big smile.
The blue in me worries about my family's future.I worry about our financialcrisis. I wonder when we will be re-united.I mourn lost friendships. I stress about my childrens future. The blue in me is afraid to ask if things will get better or worse.....The blue is in me...."
bE HAPPy!!!


  1. Ζεφφυ μου .... υπέροχη σύνθεση... αλλα τα λόγια σου... με έκαναν να δακρύσω.....
    δεν εχω κατι αλλο να πω... απλά.... μια αγκαλία και σε φιλώ γλυκά

  2. Oh Zeffy your journalling is so heart touching, I think there is some blue in all of us.. your photo is so beautiful and your layout so special...