Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My tourist guide to my Neighbourhood...

Hi there People.
Today I have a very unusual  project to share.....
Some very talented ladies from all over the world are having fun and games in the Supreme Scrap Challenge. I am on the Greek Team.
Our first prompt was posted on Sunday the 1st of February....a cold, cloudy and windy day..
We had to document our favourite spot that was 1000 steps away from our home...and make a double page spread....I have not done one in years......So I got warmly dressed and went for a walk.

Oh yes and we were to use no spray inks....but a L.O. without color does not work...so I used some Distress Paints to add some dimension to my boring cardboard paper....I needed 2 pages that were the same...
My journaling reads" I am blessed to live in one of the nicest areas of Athens. Coming from South Africa open spaces were a must for our new family home.Our apartment is just around the corner from a huge green belt which runs down from the end bit of the Hymmetus Mountain Range.
I love trees so this place is so special yet each year in the summer my heart hurts because this mountain is always set alight. and burns.You can see the burnt bushes in my photos, the grass is green now but come June and it will dry to a golden colour."
"The antithesis of our neighbourhood. A sports car abandoned by some rich guy. and sheep from the shepards down the road, grazing on empty plots ( only a few left now) This is 2 houses down from us"
Then I also have little comments all over the page and on the photos too...
Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  1. Zeffy you may think your photos are boring, but I think you are just missing our blue skies ... I love this because it's so REAL!!!! Well done, and good luck! <3

  2. Oh this looks like a lovely place to live, green at the moment, love your double pager..

  3. zeffy εισαι παντα ΟΛΑ ΤΑ ΛΕΦΤΑ!!!!!!!