Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday 246

Hi Folks..
It is Wednesday again and I have been MIA...again. So I thought that today I might play along with the curious crowd of WOYWW
WARNING it is not NEAT!

Under the pile of junk..that I need to put away or maybe even throw away, I rarely throw away paper...what can I do?  I hoard the stuff...hence the messy enviroment...
Anyway, as I was saying under the pile of papers ,I have some images from my Life Book 2014 lessons...I succumbed and signed up. And I have not regretted it at all!...These images are going to become pop-ups,this was a very challenging workshop for me, it was hosted by the amazing Jane Davenport.
I do not know if I will be brave enough to post the finished page....we will see...
Keep well, I am off to see what everybody else is up to.


  1. A messy desk is a sign of a busy and creative mind!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your desk. Looks like that little girl is waving just at me. Thanks for visiting already and for your kind comment.
    Ann B

  3. Looking very creative hun, loving the look of all that you are doing!

  4. Plenty of things in progress, lovely art work. Karen #101

  5. Neat desks are highly overrated. I prefer them messy, busy and creative. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #4

  6. Nothing wrong with a messy desk, the way I see it, you craft when you can and tidy when you have to....I believe that's a nice Thanks for visiting, I 'm all fired up to use my new machine.....such fun new toys. Have a great week
    DeDe #19

  7. I love to see a clean desk BUT have never really had one for more than a day. You can't really have clean and craft in the same sentence for whatever reason they just don't really go hand in hand..
    better late than never.
    Nelle 71 xx

  8. Nothing wrong with clutter, it just means lots of fun projects are being created.

    Hugs Diane

  9. Oh come on, be brave and show us more. The peek looks good!