Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tags and more Tags

Hi there ladies, I have been so busy thay I am turning into a night owl!!
I have done a couple of streamings on USTREAM...I am having fun and I think that I am entertaining my fellow Greek Scrappers with my bad Greek! Either that or else they are teasing me big time! my age all that matters is that I am doing what I love doing and I am enjoying the journey.(( maybe too many I..s in that sentance! ))

Anyway yesterday I made a couple of tags, I had promised my sister that I would send her some to have for her gifts.My son left for South Africa this evening on a long-awaited trip that his dad had promised him. My Hubby believes in bribing the children and he had promised Michael that he could go and visit his buddies once he completed his degree....well thats done and the good news is that he passed all his subjects and the degree is now his!!! And so he enters into another phase of his baby.
O.K. back to scrapping..I thought I would share with you one of the tags I made on Monday on the show, you will notice that the flower still needs a little bling....too late now its on its way to Africa...lots of diamonds there!

I will be streaming again this afternoon ie. Wednesday 16th june at 18h30 I will be making a LO. Not sure what, just yet, I suspect that  we will all make it together on the show .So please join us Here
Keep well, keep cool amd always be happy.
Lots O Love, your crazy scrappy friend Zeffy


  1. i love this tag Zeffy gorgeous!!

  2. love your tags... and congratulations for your sons degree!!!

  3. αχ,το δεύτερο μου αρέσει πολύυυυ! και τα αγγελάκια είναι τέλεια όμως!

  4. Πολύ όμορφα Ζέφυ μου!!
    Αχ θέλω πολύ να παρακολουθήσω τα βιντεάκια σου ζωντανά, αλλά δεν τα καταφέρνω λόγω του μωρού! Ίσως να βολέψει κάποια στιγμή!

  5. You make an excellent job with these tags. I really love your work (and other blog-friends as well) and therefore I would like you to come and take a prize from my blog. It is given with love to all sensitive mothers.