Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi there ladies,
I have been thinking of this idea for a while now...we do not have anybody streaming scrapbook shows in Greek,so I thought that I would give it my best shot. Even though my Greek is not perfect I can share a few of the things that I have learnt about scrapbooking over the past 2 years. Click here to join my friends  (on Chat) and I, having some fun time together...I will be on U-Stream live tomorrow at 19h30 and I will be making a photo album for my sister Val. This is a very basic album, an excellant item for beginners to attempt.

Before I close I would like to mention that my Greek may not be perfect but I can read Greek so any questions in Greek will be answered to the best of my ability...as for my English speaking friends please join us too  the more the merrier!
Lots o love till tomorrow evening
kisses Zeffy


  1. FANTASTIC Idea Zeffy!!
    Best of luck... although I'm sure you won't need it!
    Will catch you live tomorrow then!

  2. Bravo, Zeffy, it's a wonderful idea!! We definitely want to discover some of your secrets concerning minis, so I will do my best to meet you tomorrow online!

  3. Αν και στο ειπα και νωριτερα, ειναι φανταστικη η ιδεα σου..ανυπομονω να σε δω επι τω εργω!

  4. Εκτός απροόπτου θα είμαι και εγώ εδώ να σε καμαρώνω επί τω έργω,όπως λέει και η φιλενάδα Παρασκευή!!!

  5. Fantastic Zeffy, I just hope I'll be home at that time! :)

  6. Axouuuuuu egw pou den tha borw na to dww? exw mathima!!

    yparxei periptwsi na to record it?

    Gmt! Pantws teleia idea! boroume na diorganwnoume tetoia mathimatakia!

  7. Roula mou tha to kano record....

  8. Τέλεια ιδέα Ζέφφυ!!! Ανυπομονώ!!!