Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hi gals this week-end a few of my scrap-buddies and I got together...this is what I started making amongst all the chaos and fun...a paper tree for my centre-piece on my Christmas table.
 I cut about 24 of these tree shapes from cheap drawing paper, I then diveded them into 4 stacks and sewed down the center of each.

I then took the inner tube of wrapping paper...we have ample of those these days!!And cut two strips that I folded and sandwiched between the two sections of tree....once the two pieces were stuck to each other  I also added a piece of steel cut of a coat-hanger for extra support then I stacked the 2 glued sections together...I had a pile of 4!.once that was done I just opened that up...and can see from the photo above that the paper tends to curt a I added strips of cardstock at the bottom for some extra standing 'Feet"...see video which I will post in the course of today!!!

As you can see in the photo above I have pieces of fabric all around my tree.....I am hoping that the elves will appear this evening and turn those into beautiful flowers.....they will then add extra interest to my table...we will see..
Bye for now...must fly busy, busy ,busy!!


  1. It looks great! I have to think of something relevant to our holidays and decorate in a similar way one day...
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful tree Zeffy!!!
    very elegant!!

  3. WOW!!!!Zeffy you made it! I thought it would never stand!!! It looks amazing!!! Good job!

  4. καταπληκτικό!!! φαίνεται πολύ εντυπωσιακό!
    και ζηλεύωωωω!!!!θα θελα κι εγώ να μουν εκει!!!

  5. πφφφφ δεν την είχα δει αυτη την ανάρτηση (εξ ου και η απορία μου!!!!! χα χα χα)
    Καταπληκτική και η φωτό που είστε όλες μαζί!!! Είναι τόσο ζωντανή και χαρουμενη όπως κι εσείς!!!!