Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Comes To An End

Hi there fellow bloggers..
I am writing this post from my daughters laptop is out of order yet so frustrating.
Anyway this is the end of September,  the end of a very special month for me, as it is my birthday month, and I also had fun being a Special Investigator on CSI this month.
You may also know that during September  CSI playing along with Once Upon A Sketch
So the sketch is from OUAS and the color combo and evidence as well the testimony is from CSI.
As you can see this L.O. has a photo of a church is a long story .

Why did I choose this photo??
Firstly, this was the setting of my GS's baptism you can see the font in the foreground, flanked by 2 Basil plants .
Secondly, the week that I made this L.O. I was humbled and inspired by this amazing book by Judith MacNutt called Angels are for real The church with this beautiful altar is in the village of Taxiarches, the village gets the name from the church which is dedicated the the Archangel Michael. Both my FIL and my darling son are named Michael.
Thirdly, the colors o the icons on the altar were perfect for this Case File 39.
And so this L.O came to be....

I have used most of the suggested evidence, even though you only need to use two..
I have leaves, in my masked misting, and in my clusters.
There are 3 stars tucked around the L.O lets see if you can find them!
Lots of bits and pieces, my bling is re-cycled jewellary, I have crochet flowers,gems and diecuts.
I have wings.
One of my photo mats has some printing on it...not exactly a book page,but an inspiration nevertheless....
My journaling is in a frame,and it is about a lesson that I need to learn over and over again.It reads
"A lesson to remember each and every day BE HUMBLE! It is the essence of being a good Christian."

That is all for now my dear friends, I am going to the island of Aegina I will be spending time with scrapbooking friends on Saturday afternoon and the whole of Sunday....what fun...I still need to decide what I am going to make while I am there...I do not function very much in company...I talk too much and spend too much time watching what others are making...
Actually I need to unpack and then pack again......oh just  a little secret before I log off ....I am going to Scraptastic 2012 next week end.!!!....
I am SO blessed!


  1. Zeffy mou to lo einai yperoxo!!!! Latreyw ta xrwmata pou prasino backround einai fantastiko. Kala na peraseis stis apodraseis sou!!!!

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday month, Zeffy. Great choice of photograph for the challenge. I am sad as September comes to an end. We can still continue to solve the casefiles though :) Have a super-creative trip!

  3. What a lovely story behind your photo, Zeffy, it makes a stunning page. I love the background and then all the colour in the flowers, it's very striking.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs Lisax

  4. What a beautiful layout with such meaning behind it, thanks for sharing about it Zeffy.. and have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Φοβερη η συνθεση σου, και πολυ συγκινητικο που διαλλεξες αυτη την φωτο απο την βαφτιση του μικρου..Εχω παει σε αυτη την εκκλησια οταν ημουν περιπου 8χρονων..
    Ειμαι σιγουρη οτι θα περασετε υπεροχα στο βελγιο..Φιλακια!!

  6. Stunning layout Zeffy and a beautiful story behind the photo!
    thank you for using my blue crochet flower it blended in perfectly!
    we need to catch up its been a long time!
    thanks for sharing