Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Holiday Workspace

Hi there dear Friends, especially the followers of WOYWW.....I have been negelecting my poor blog....why?  I am still on the island of Lesvos and I think that my poor FIL must be rather tired of us by now....
Suffice is to say that I have had a HECTIC August, my family was together,my hubby ,my son and my 2 sisters and their families as well as my daughter and her in laws ,some friends from America and the UK....we baptised my Grand Son and now  that things have calmed down and I can at last take half an hour to post and show you my workspace here.....I have claimeded the little nook in the lounge, if it is not windy I open the door and scrap watching the stunning view.

All the crafters that  follow Julie's blog The Stamping Ground love to see what we are up to. Well I work on this tiny table and I am about to start a L.O. using re-cycled materials the blue checked plastic is from a feta cheese tub and I also have a shoe box from my grand-sons'shoes as well as some acetate from a cellular phone packaging.
Hopefully I will make a video of my area in the next few days ,I did pack lots of things this year,I had great intentions! But it is so pleasing to just sit and gaze at the scenary and just chat with my daughters and play with the baby!!


  1. looks like a spectacular view, no wonder you havent done much crafting

    Jan S 129

  2. A cozy little space with a few; that would work for me too. S #131

  3. Μπορεί το τραπεζάκι σου να είναι μικρό, αλλά αυτή η θέα είναι όλα τα λεφτά! Απήλαυσε τις διακοπές σου και ζήσε όσο πιο όμορφα μπορείς την κάθε σου μέρα! Happy Birthday my friend, love you

  4. I would get nothing done with a view like that! You sure did pack a lot of stuff, but then if you didn't you would have needed it! Glad to hear you were all together for the baptism celebration. Congratulations.

  5. Wow - I see what you mean about the view - I'd just be gazing all the time & not scrapping !! All that stash & such a small table ! Do show us your layouts next week ! Ali #57

  6. Good to see you back in blog land!! must have been wonderful for you to have your family with you this August!!

  7. What a cozy space for you, and the view is magnificent!!

  8. What a great view. You have some interesting stash there.