Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet 16

Hi there Girls.
Another quick post....I have a scrappy friend over for the day....I have just finished a L.O for CSI so I thought I would share.
This is my sweet Niece Athina.

All of the paper embellies are from Michele's free printables on CSI.
I used most of the evidence, even though we only need to use, metal, pleating, texture paste, scallops,cupcakes and a teacup.
For my testimony I mention how Athina is entering a new phase in her life now that she is about to turn 16....
Just by the way the photo was on Athina's Facebook page, she had used an app to change it up...I just copy/paste and printed it.....Athina I hope you do not mind, but this was my only option seeing that you live so far away.
Have a good Sunday....I will be back real soon with more scrappy goodness.
Love Zeffy.


  1. Hi Zeffy! I am sure Athina would not mind, your layout is so beautiful and the photo looks amazing!! love the sweet embellies too!!

  2. Ωραια συνθεση Ζεφφυ!! και η Αθηνα κουκλα!! καλη επιτυχια στο Csi!!

  3. beautiful layout....gorgeous niece!!