Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WOYWW 187 Binding Disaster!

Hi there dear Bloggers..

It is Wednesday the 2nd  of January 2013......Wishing you all a very happy New Year!!
I gave up making resolutions long ago...I try my best each day and deal with what comes my way...
Last night I thought I had this $#@% Journal all wrapped up!! I am  doing Shimelles' JYC but mine took its own path, as usual....
As you have seen from pevious posts I had started this album at a class given by FLO from Atilolou Flo Designs at PACS link as I am a little cheesed off.. I gave no heed to basic album structure and construction (Thinking that she had it all worked out!)... I just went ahead and glued down. the papers and pages....turns out covers and pages are the same size...and I did not have enough spine movement or space so the pages were just popping off the spine as they turned!!!
Late last night I thought I solved the problem...this was my desk this morning!!
I let it sit...late last night I was not thinking clearly due to New Year celebrations..I thought my problem was solved by hot glueing in one of Tims.. binding hoo pages popped out of book.... obviously as they are the same size as covers!!! Pop over to The Stamping Ground to see more desks.

                Read on, if you like to hear the rest of the story....
So I ripped out the binding rings.....vigourously!!
Here you can see the last 2 pages of the book that I had glued down in Flo's class...I came home and re-inforced the binding with my sewing machine...just as well I did not do the rest of the pages...or else my spine would have torn! pages do get a bit chunky I must confess...that is why I always do my covers last....
So this is how I left think a little and to post this post....I know I need to go and see how much I  can trim off already finished pages!!  Oh bother!
Wishing you all the best for 2013!!!


  1. Oh Dear! How frustrating. I remember I had to trim a load of pages when I found I had mixed up 12" papers with 30cm ones. I hadn't realised what a difference it would make. I've often admired 'chunky' scrapbook/journal pages, and wondered how you got on with binding them. Thanks for dropping by my blog this week. kate x #66

  2. Oh bother in deed! I would be most unimpressed! Good luck with a solution!

  3. totally frustrating. oh bother, thanks for the visit. be well Carole

  4. No doubt after you've walked around it for a little time, you'll come up with something really brilliant! the pages are lovely, definitely worth all your trouble, be patient!!

  5. How upsetting...but you seem to have a mind that will wrap itself around the logistics of fixing might even have some fun resolving it!

    The pages I could see looked will be so worth it when you find the solution!