Friday, January 30, 2015

Affirmation Feathers

Hello there Friends.
Yes January is almost over and I have not wished you all a very Happy New Year.....
I have been a BAD Blogger and an even worst Scrapbooker.....I need to get back to my Lay-Outs!!!
I have however been playing with my paints....I have signed up for Life Book 2015...and I am up to date woop woop
Here are my paintings from Week5
My Affirmation Feather...lesson by Tamara Laporte

I also enoyed the Lesson by Rachel Rice even though ,looking at it now I think it is a little flat!

 Once I was done last night I looked at the water-colour paper that I had coloured for the feathers, that I had all ready to go and on the spur of the moment I made a little Prayer Box....a first for me...the Midori style booklet hold a little written prayer.

Keep well...have a good week-end....I am hoping to tuck into my scrapbooking today.

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