Sunday, July 3, 2011

Message for Kathryn

Hi again...
This lay-out is dedicated to a extremely talented lady,....Kathryn from Life on the {Scrap} beach who keeps us entertained on the Ning site Life On the {Scrap} Beach and who is celebrating her birthday....
Happy Birthday Kathryn, may you have a happy year andmay you always be well to celebrate many many more!!!
This is what I did for Challenge #3 Stars and Stripes Forever
ok,,off to tidy up my mess...I have guests this afternoon, but just maybe I can get another L.O. done tonight....after all my friend Guru Gonzales, has had a bit of an influence on me!!
Love Zeffy


  1. LOL!!! Wonderful layout!!! Enjoy your guests and evening!!! Tomorrow is a new day!

  2. you see your name is excellant!! you even get to the blogs first....

  3. Just beautiful, Happy birthday Kathryn! We will be celebrating with her next Sun.