Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi there my Friends.
today I want to show you a L.O. I did for the Color Combo Galore #200 is their 200th "anniversary" and great things are on the go!
Even though I am on vacation and have a limited amount of supplies with me, I decided to take on the challenge...I had a photo of my son Michael that I thought had the correct colours...and the supplies in my vacation stash that I could use were a piece of Basic Grey distressed yellow paper.the blue well as a Pearl Dabber and Broken China Distress ink....I do know that the colour are not an exact match, but I think that they are near enough..I hope you think so too!!

I tried to make drips with Glimmer Glaze, over the stamped writing, but I never liked it, so the best I could so was to just smudge it over the print..(boo hoo!)
My son is a s cool as and ice-cream lolly..thats what the girls think anyway............
ok guys ...I am off for a swim in this fantastic sea!
BE COOL(always)


  1. Now this is impressive that you have all this stash with you when you go on holiday! I love what you did with this challenge. Just shows you that you don't need all the bells and whistles to be able to scrap!

  2. Fab, fab, fab layout Zeff ... bet you are missing him! :)

  3. Zeffy τι ωραία σύνθεση, αλλά και οι ευχές που κάνεις είναι πολύ συγκινητικές! Σήμερα αν φταρνιζόσουν συνέχεια, ήταν γιατί η Μαρία μου σε σκεπτόταν, γιατί έφτιαξε με τα embellishments που τις είχες δώσει στην Αίγινα, ένα μίνι άλμπουμ και με ρωτούσε ποσά παιδιά έχεις και πως τα λένε… Φιλάκια και να περνάς τέλεια! (Ευτυχώς την Παρασκευή θα μας έρθει ο Κώστας και θα χαρούμε όλοι!)

  4. Efi filakia polla sthn Maria!! post her work so we can see it...

  5. Τελεια συνθεση Ζεφυ τελικα οι διακοπες σου φερνουν εμπνευση! καλη επιτυχια στην προκληση

  6. Love it!...and I almost cried reading your the colours and your 'incident' with the drips looks perfect to me!
    Enjoy the sea and good luck with the challenge!

  7. Yes, I am indeed lucky to have met Tim and had dinner with him and Mario (plus 11 other people but I am not counting them really...)

    My hubby made the cubbie hole unit for me so that my boxes could be easily accessed instead of being stacked one on top of the other.

  8. Zeffy, it is really an amazing and super cool LO... you really have a handsome son (hope my hubby doesn't see this lol) and you have matched the colours correctly... (and they look like GetCreative's colour pallete, don't you think???)

    filakia apo Samo...come and visit!!!!!

  9. Hi Zeffy! i reckon this is fabulous.. very trendy male layout!! and we are cool here.. winter in australia!! so enjoy your swim!!bbrrr!!!

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  11. Great layout ! Going on holiday with your stash eh ! I think the colours are perfect for the challenge and your son is gorgeous ! Did he sing on Fame Story ??