Friday, July 15, 2011

Scrapping on Vacation

Hi there my Scrapbooking Friends.

As you can see I am on Holiday! Today after being here for a week I finally started un-packing my things and setting up "shop" so to say.......
Before I continue telling you about my space let me tell you about my yellow see we arrived here{Lesvos} with the we needed to be able to carry our luggage on board...the things in the photo are my scrap stuff...I still had a bag of clothes ,ect..ect!
 So, when I was leaving home I had yellow bag {big enough to hold 32x32 pizza box stuffed with paper} slung over my shoulder and I was carrying my beachbag plus coolerbag, plus biggish handbag.I was climbing down the marble staircase, most stairs are clad in marble in Greece,,,and my foot got caught in my baggy pants (I needed to be comfy for the 9 hour boat trip!)
As I was saying, my foot got caught and I was in a downward momento so I went flying headfirst down the stairs...No hands were full!...So I just fell and fell hard!! Thank goodness I landed on my bags ,the yellow bag saved me from breaking an arm  because somehow I landed on top of the bag with the box and so my arm did not smash against the marble ...although the box did poke me in the breast (still sore..and bruised!.) So ladies scrapbooking saved me from serious injury.

I have set out my things in an area just off the main balcony,,,if not too windy I move outside and scrap...yes the little yellow table is my worktable and the rest of the things  will be laid out around me...will show you  final set-up in the video tomorrow...

Keep well, have fun, take lots of photos...
Love Zeffy.


  1. aouch....glad you are ok...filakia!

  2. oh my!!!! now we have another excuse to saves us from serious injuries!!!!! lol...
    glad you are ok, so you can enjoy your holidays!!!! will you be visiting Samos????

  3. Oh, dear Zeffy! I was panicked while I read your story! Thank God you are ok! I'm so glad that you will manage to have scrapbooking fun far away from home. I'm looking forward to your video.

  4. ...from now on scrapbooking should be called: "scrapsaviour"!
    Thank God Zeffy you are ok!
    "Keep on scrapping and have fun!", doctor advises.

  5. Καλησπέρα Zeffy! Δόξα τω Θεώ, είσαι καλά! Τρόμαξα με όλα όσα διάβασα. Φαντάζομαι τον πανικό και την αγωνία σου εκείνης της στιγμής. Εύχομαι να είσαι καλύτερα τώρα, χαλάρωσε και απήλαυσε την θάλασσα και τον ήλιο! Φιλάκια απ όλους μας!

  6. Μου αρεσει ο τροπος που το περιεγραψες!!! Ζεφακι μου ευτυχως δεν χτυπησες, να περασεις καλα στη Μυτιληνη!!