Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lazy Summer Days.

Here I am again,
I must ask for forgiveness...the mini is not yet done...well it is almost or two things still need to be added..a work in progress....I did finish off the guest book, a mini album and an invite for Ryma's wedding!!
Last night as I watched Kathryn her monthly Virtual Crop. I decided to finish of a page in my Mykonos album that was worrying me...the paper on the page was very busy. So this morning I decided to just add a bit of plastic that looks like the sun!! and a bit if lazy journaling and viola an excellant lazy day page.ForChallenge #1

Challenge#4 Get 'Er Done was to use some papers from an old kit.....well these papers are from a Sarahs kit from fact it must have been 2 old kits...they were all in one box...Jillibean and Upsydaisiesdesigns and kaiser Craft...ancient...the photos have also been waiting for ages to be scrapped...Thanks kathryn for the motivation!!
I have a dress that I am sewing that is almost done,,,needs about 3 hours work still...but guess what ? Iam off to scrap some more.....dress can wait.
Have a sunny Sunday
Love Zeffy


  1. go for scrap!dress can definetely wait!

  2. mini looks like a lot of fun!!....the dress can wait!!!!!

  3. The dress can fix itself!!! LOL Love that you are being creative ... :)

  4. I still believe the dress can be wait for a while,the mini is gorgeous and the lo too!