Friday, January 24, 2014

Creative Jump start

Hi there Friends,,
I want to tell you about Creative Jump Start an online workshop hosted by Natalie Kalbach.
I first met Natalie at PACS in France.she is an awesome artist and CJS is always very inspiring.
This year she has an impressive range of artist doing demos on the series....the theme this year is to use household items.....A thing that I have been doing for ages, due to the cost of art supplies in Greece!!

I usually art in my own hand made journals...the one on the desk is an old diary from2009 and the one on the side is made from a re-cycled cereal box,paper bags and advertising brochures,an idea I got from Jennibellie on You Tube
I am using an anti-slip cupboard lining and a plastic doilie as masks...toilet paper and newspaper are always on fact I have used a page from a free newspaper as a base for my one wipes are always on hand...dry ones are good too!!!
Oh yes and before I go I pour my Gesso into little medicine I just squirt it onto my page and spread it with my fingers....
Have a good week-end,
Keep creating.

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