Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ode To My Tonic Scissors

Hi again..
If you take a look on my previous post you will spot two paper embellishments, a bee and a flower.
You might know that I am participating in Creative Jump Start over at Natalie's blog.
One of the lessons was by Marsha Valk. she showed us how to make paper pulp from cardbaord boxes...I made some molded embellishments...
I trim the excess off the molds using my Tonic scissors I love the way they get into all the tight corners! I have 3 red Tonic scissors and a little green one...I am now eyeing the new shears.!!I tried to cut steel by mistake,,,yes the flowers with the long metal that scissors isnow the junky one now....the one with the cover is my good one....
they are magic I love them. My friends husband used them to cut open lobsters the other day!
Here is a video showing how I clour my embellishments with Luminarte Twinkling H2Os

Have Zeffy.


  1. They look amazing Zeffy, very clever of you!

  2. Lovely embellishments
    Thank you for sharing. Good luck!