Friday, January 24, 2014

CJS Post Script.

I am here again....
I forgot to mention that I often work 2 or even 3 backgrounds at the same time.....You see I  am inpatient...have no time to let time dry..oh yes and as you can see no time to tidy my desk either!
The plus side of being slightly dyslexic is that you can function in a mess!
Here I have added a layer of Liquitex Bright Aqua Green and before it has even dried I have started stamping with Titanium White using my favouriye circle stamp...the inside of a Alluminium Foil roll...yes it is much more sturdy than a toilet roll so your circles are perfect!
Next Journal please....
Here I have added yellow to the white andi have done some stenciling....then I used a diamond shape that I found, by chance  on the inside of a  cardboard fact I think it had Bazzil paper in it!!
I will definately,eventually ,decoupage it (the diamond shapes) onto a page..
Paint is almost dry....must get on with the pages....
Bye again .


  1. You are just being creative with so many projects on the go! And I work in mess too!,

  2. What is it with Us Dyslexic types? We are so impatient and yes, working in a mess is mandatory!

  3. beautiful page- and colors. Thank you for playing along in the Liquitex Giveaway and CJS2014!

  4. I LOVE reading your thought process! Great yellow pop against the print - that's cool!